Eftel home phone call costs

  • Eftel offers broadband and home phone plans
  • Compare the costs of phone calls with Eftel to your current provider
  • Discounts available if you bundle

Broadband and home phone provider, Eftel, offers customers the choice between two home phone plans to bundle with your ADSL or ADSL2+ internet service. Bundling your services together not only means a saving on your monthly bill, but also means making life simpler by having your services with the same company and on the same bill.

[email protected] lite $29.95
[email protected] plus $39.95

When you bundle a home phone with your Eftel broadband, the ISP will reward you with a $10 discount off your monthly broadband cost. The Eftel home phone also comes with a range of features, including call back, call forward, call return, call waiting and 3-way chat. The plans are available on a month-by-month or 18-month contract. Eftel uses Telstra’s copper lines to deliver a voice service to your home or business.

The call rates

[email protected] lite

Local calls: 19.7 cents (untimed)

National calls: 19.7c/min + 39c call connection (capped at $2.65 for two hours)

Calls to mobiles: 39.4c/min + 39c call connection (capped at $2.65 for two hours)

[email protected] plus

Local calls: 14.8 cents (untimed)

National calls: 14.8c/min + 39c call connection (capped at $1.99 for two hours)

Calls to mobiles: 29.5c/min + 39c call connection (capped at $1.99 for two hours)

How do the local call rates compare with other providers?

iiNet: $29.95 home phone plan with 20c local calls
TPG: $29.95 home phone plan with 25c local calls
iPrimus: $29.95 home phone plan with 17.5c local calls
Internode: $29.95 home phone plan with 18c local calls

International call rates

UK: 9.9c/min + 39c call connection
USA: 9.9c/min + 39c call connection
China: 14c/min + 39c call connection
India: 72c/min + 39c call connection
New Zealand: 14c/min + 39c call connection

Customers who wish to find out more about Eftel’s home phone plans can contact them on 1300 551 094. You can learn more about their home phone and broadband bundle deals here.