Fox Sports launches Kayo app that lets you stream sports

  • Fox Sports launches Beta version of Kayo.
  • It lets you steam over 50 sports, live and on demand.
  • They are offering a 14 day free trial.

Sports fans rejoice, the future is here! Fox Sports have announced the beta launch of Kayo, an app that lets you stream sports live in HD, with no ad breaks. What's more, even though it hasn't even been officially released, you can already try it out for free - and the news of the beta testing quickly spread. 


The primary buzz surrounding the app is largely due to its ample features. Adding to the primary funtion of being able to stream live and on demand sports on your desktop or phone, the app also offers: 

. Over 50 sports to stream on your device(s). 

. HD Footage: a key staple of modern Foxtel sports, you can now have access to that crisp, clean HD footage at your very fingertips.

. A "Key Moments" feature that lets you watch the back-to-back action from selected games, without having to sit through any of the filler. All meat, no 'taters. 

. "Splitview", which lets you watch up to 4 games at once, all on the one screen, on selected devices. You can even throw in an extra camera angle. Though this function is not currently on the beta model, Foxtel has revealed that it will be a major factor of the upcoming official version of Kayo: "On Kayo Beta, it’s just the one screen on mobile, but don’t worry – once the app drops, you’ll get SplitView on there too."

. A "No Spoilers" function, so if you're catching up on a game that you're behind on, you can have Kayo remove all the scores and annoying reveals from the Preference Centre, and watch it as though you were streaming it live. 


Kayo has over 50 sports (plus thousands of hours of live and on demand shows) available for streaming at any time. This includes content from leading sports broadcasters such as Kayo's key partners:

. Fox Sports



Specifically speaking, you can expect to see...

. Every Australia home Test, ODI, T20I and BBL Match (live!).

. The Rugby Union.

. The Tennis.

. The Golf.

. The NBA.

. The NFL

. The MLS. 

. European football favourites, including Serie A, Bundesliga, La Liga, Ligue 1. 

. The 2019 Toyota AFL Premiership Season.

. The 2019 Telstra NRL Premiership. 

. Formula 1 & Supercars.

. Major League Baseball. 

. Surfing. 

. And more, such as news and documentaries. 

. You can get a more look an extensive list of the app's coverage here


According to Foxtel's team, they "tried to keep it on the low down but social media has stormed overnight." So think of this as a pre-release! Foxtel added that the beta versions have gone through testing in-house and are generally close to the look and function of a final product, but that such things may yet be tweaked as a result of the feedback received from customers during the beta phase...

"The beta version provides an opportunity to conduct live trials of both local and international sports. This will ensure our customer experience and the technical side of the product have been through in-depth testing prior to the full launch of Kayo."


So you can try it right now, and it's free for 14 days! All you have to do is click here

Presently, you can stream it on...

. Mac & PC: Optimised for Chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers on Mac and PC desktops and laptops. 

. Mobile & Tablet: Optimised for Chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers on iOS and Android phones and tablets.

. Chromecast: Optimised for Chromecast Ultra and similar capability Android TVs.

And its's coming soon to: 

. Android 

. iOS & TV 

. Telstra TV 


Should you choose to stick with Kayo, there are presently two subscription options:

. Basic $25 a month (lets you watch 2 basic screens at the same time).

. Premium $35 a month (lets you watch 3 basic screens at the same time).

Both deals come with the HD option (assuming your device and plan allow you to stream it), and neither deal has a lock-in contract, allowing you to cancel anytime you wish. 

The non-beta version of the Kayo app is expected to be released sometime this year, but if you want to give that free trial of the beta a whirl, you can start by clicking here.

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