I want a broadband plan with no peak or off peak times

Broadband plans with no peak or off peak restrictions are becoming more popular as internet providers realise customers are after something simple.

Whether you need ADSL1 (regional) or ADSL2+ (metro) broadband, bundled or unbundled, there are plans out there which offer a decent amount of GB to use whenever you like. If you’re looking for a mobile broadband plan, there are also deals which aren’t complicated by peak and off peak restrictions.

Optus ‘yes’ Fusion Plans

The Optus ‘yes’ Fusion plans come with a very heavy amount of download with no restrictions on when you can use it. Plans come bundled with an Optus home phone with unlimited local and national calls. The $79 (120GB) and $99 (500GB) plans have unlimited calls to Optus mobiles, whereas higher plans include unlimited calls to any Australian mobile.

The Optus ‘yes’ Fusion plans are on a 24-month contract, however you will receive a $0 setup and a free modem.

Optus mainly serves customers in or around the metropolitan areas, and they also offer cable broadband plans. You can call them on 1300 137 897 to find out if they can offer a broadband and home phone package at your address.

iPrimus Broadband Bundles

If you bundle your home phone and broadband with iPrimus, they can offer you plans with data to use at any time, as well as unlimited local and national calls to landlines.

There are four plans available:

Platinum 25 $89.95 25GB
Platinum 50 $99.95 50GB
Platinum 150 $119.95 150GB
Platinum 300 $139.95 300GB

The iPrimus packages are available on both ADSL1 and ADSL2+. Calls to mobiles are 33c per minute plus a 39c connection fee. The plans are available on a 24-month contract with free set-up. If you’re after a wireless modem, iPrimus can offer one for $89.95 plus $9.95 delivery fee.

To sign up to an iPrimus bundle deal, you can contact them on 1300 137 794.

Internode – Easy plans

There’s a reason Internode named all their new plans “Easy.” There’s Easy Broadband (metro areas), Easy Bundle, Easy Naked and Easy Reach (metropolitan areas). None of their broadband offers are restricted with peak and off peak times, making the plans easy to understand and to compare with other offers. They also include huge amounts of download. Below is a summary of some of their popular deals.

Internode plans are available either on a one-month contract or a 24-month contract, and a wireless modem is available to purchase from $119.

Easy Broadband

Easy Broadband ADSL2+ XS 30GB $39.95 (unbundled)
Easy Broadband ADSL2+ S 150GB $59.95 (unbundled)

Customers must have an active home phone line to sign up to the Easy Broadband plans.

Easy Bundle

Easy Bundle ADSL2+ 30GB $64.90 (including phone line rental)
Easy Bundle ADSL2+ 150GB $84.90 (including phone line rental)

Local calls are 18c each, national calls 10c per minute and mobile calls are 29c per minute.

Customers must have an active home phone line to sign up to the Easy Bundle plans.

Easy Naked (broadband without a phone line)

Easy Naked S 150GB $59.95

Customers don’t need to have an active home phone line to sign up to the Easy Naked plans.

To find out more about Internode’s Easy plans, you can call us on 1300 106 571 and we can walk you through their deals.

SpinTel – $39.95 home phone and broadband bundle

SpinTel’s popular ADSL2+ home phone and broadband bundle is 10GB per month, with no peak or off peak limits. It’s $39.95 per month, and customers can choose between a 12 and 24-month contract. SpinTel will also subsidise the cost of a modem: on a 12-month contract, a wireless modem costs $99 or $49 on a 24-month contract.

SpinTel’s ADSL1 plans also have no peak or off peak data limits. Plans start at $79.90 per month.

To sign up with SpinTel, call them on 1300 381 277.

Club Telco ADSL1/ADSL2+

The best think about Club Telco is they keep their plans super simple. Plans are on a monthly contract, and the ADSL1/ADSL2+ plans are exactly the same (apart from the speeds of course). You can choose to have a Club Telco home phone ($30) with your broadband, or you can use any other home phone carrier which uses Telstra infrastructure. To join the Club, it’s just a $50 annual membership fee.

There are three straightforward plans to choose from:

Club10 10GB $30
Club50 50GB $50
Club Unlimited $70

Mobile Broadband

Mobile broadband providers who offer plans with no peak or off peak times include Virgin (1300 106 571), Vodafone, Bigpond and 3.