• Good deals for people still attached to their landline
  • BoB modems available for rent or buy
  • All-in-one broadband and phone solutions

Some people still rely on making calls from their home phone from time to time. If you’re one of those people, you could look at bundling your home phone service with your broadband to save a few pennies each month.

iiNet is one of Australia’s largest broadband providers, and they’re renowned for their superior customer service. They offer a range of different plans, but if you’re relatively close to the city, the major ISP should be able to offer you one of their ADSL2+ superfast broadband services. If you bundle an iiNet broadband plan with a home phone, iiNet will not only throw in a free wireless and VoIP modem, but also add more gigabytes to your plan.

ADSL2+ has a theoretical maximum speed of 24,000Kbps. While it is highly unlikely your actual speed will reach near this amount, ADSL2+ will be fast enough to use services like video streaming or Skype.

 There are four iiNet ADSL2+ plans available which you can bundle with a home phone:

ADSL2+ Home-1 10GB (peak) + 10GB (off peak) $29.95
ADSL2+ Home-2 100GB (peak) + 100GB (off peak) $49.95
ADSL2+ Home-3 200GB (peak) + 200GB (off peak) $69.95
ADSL2+ Home-4 500GB (peak) + 500GB (off peak) $99.95

• Peak hours for the Home-1 and 2 plans are from 8am-2am, and off peak is from 2am-8am.
• Peak hours for the Home-3 and 4 plans are from 9am-1am, and off peak is from 1am-9am.

The iiNet home phone:

There are two home phone plans to choose from:

Phone1: $29.95 with 20c local calls, 17c/min national calls, 39c flagfall
Phone2: $31.95 with 17c local calls, 15c/min national calls, 37c flagfall

If you currently have a home phone service with another phone carrier, you will be able to port your number over to iiNet. If you’ve just moved in to a new address and you don’t have a phone number yet, iiNet can also organise this for you.

How much will it cost each month?

If for example you bundle the ADSL2+ Home-2 plan with the Phone1 plan, this will cost $79.90 per month plus any charges for the phone calls you make from the home phone.

There are no excess charges if you go over your data limit – iiNet will slow your speed down to 256Kbps.

What are the set-up fees?

That depends. If you’re happy to sign up for a 24-month contract, there are savings to be made, however of course 24-month contracts don’t suit everybody – especially renters.

No fixed term contract: $79.95 set-up fee
24-month contract: $79.95 set-up fee
If you have an active broadband service with another provider, iiNet may be able to offer a discounted set-up fee of $39 by doing a fast transfer with a quicker turnaround time.

I need a modem too!

Have you heard of BoB? BoB is a modem, router and phone all in one.

BoB 4-port wireless VOIP router, including handset:

No fixed term contract: $369
24-month contract: $269

The BoBTM 4-port wireless VOIP router offers a modem, router, 1 standard phone port plus 1 VoIP service. It also has two USB ports to charge your iPhone or MP3 player.

BoB Lite:

No fixed term contract: $99
24-month contract: $69

The BoB Lite modem also features four Ethernet ports, support for one standard modem, as well as a VoIP service. There is one USB port to charge your other devices.

For a limited time only, iiNet will throw in a free BoB Lite with any ADSL2+ broadband and home phone bundle on a 24-month contract.

Optional Extras: An iiNet Netphone (VoIP)

An iiNet Netphone can be added to any home phone and broadband plan for an extra $9.95 per month. If you make calls from the VoIP phone (as opposed to the traditional landline), you will receive unlimited local and national calls. Calls to mobiles are 29c/min, and they’re charged in 30 second blocks. A VoIP service is also good value if you make a lot of international calls. Some examples of the cheap call rates are:

UK: 5c/min
Germany: 7c/min
India: 29c/min
Canada: 5c/min
Hong Kong: 5c/min
New Zealand: 5c/min

Read this article to find out more about using a VoIP phone service.

Optional Extras: iiNet FetchTV

FetchTV1 not only allows you to pause, rewind and record live TV, but in addition gives you access to rent pay-per-view movies. FetchTV also offers a portal to online gaming and social networking through your TV. FetchTV costs just $14.95 per month, which allows you to rent the set-top box which is used to operate the service.

iiNet is also offering FetchTV2, which includes extras such as 30 on demand movies at any time and additional TV channels.

Both FetchTV1 and 2 come unmetered, meaning that while the services require an internet connection, it won’t count toward your monthly data allowance.

Call iiNet on 1300 106 571 to find out more about their bundle options, or to make the switch and sign-up to one of their packages.