Internode quick to push NBN prices low and quotas high

  • Internode releases NBN plans
  • Have started competition amongst ISP with low prices and high quotas
  • Don't bundle a home phone if you don't want one!

The National Broadband Network (NBN) may still feel a long way away for many Australian residents, but broadband provider Internode, initially one of the major critics of wholesale NBN pricing, has already reduced their NBN prices and given monthly data quotas a push up.

Internode has also eliminated the need to bundle a home phone service with your broadband, which can often cost users an extra $30 per month with what is currently available.

A reduction on plan pricing has started at the entry level plan, which is now priced at just $49.95 (12/1Mbps), is a reduction of $10 per month. Internode has boosted data quotas from 200GB to 300GB, and 300GB to a massive 600GB. There are no longer any peak or off peak time restrictions on the Internode fibre network plans.

Internode managing director Simon Hackett emphasised the broadband provider’s commitment to choice. He said "We're offering customers more data quota and at better prices than we announced back in July," he said. "We have removed the requirement to bundle voice services, reduced entry level price, and increased customer flexibility with this revision to our NBN plans".

The prices:

Bronze 12/1 Mbps

30GB $49.95
300GB $69.95
600GB $89.95
1TB $139.95

Silver 25/5 Mbps

30GB $54.95
300GB $74.95
600GB $94.95
1TB $144.95

Gold 50/20Mbps

30GB $64.95
300GB $84.95
600GB $104.95
1TB $154.95

Platinum 100/40 Mbps

30GB $74.95
300GB $94.95
600GB $114.95
1TB $164.95

To give some idea of speed, almost all ADSL2+ customers, even those closest to an exchange, will very rarely have experienced even the NBN’s entry level speed of a 12Mbps download. While ADSL2+ proposes a theoretical maximum speed of 24Mbps, speeds will not even reach close to this. On the other hand, speeds advertised for the NBN are supposedly much closer to the actual speed customers will receive.

Internode has said of their voice services: “In its revised NBN plans, Internode has removed the requirement to bundle a voice service with its NBN broadband Internet plans. Voice services are now an optional extra, starting with a $0 rental cost ‘pay-as-you-go’ voice service and offering other voice plans that include increased call value.” Customers will be able to port their copper-based phone numbers over when they move to the NBN.

Fibre-compatible modems have also had their prices slashed, with Internode offering $50 off the price of the entry-level Netcomm router, and $100 off the price of the Fritz!Box 7270 and 7390 routers.

Existing Internode NBN customers will be given the option to migrate to these new better-value plans.