• Internet video debate divides the world.
  • Do you see red as I see red?
  • But like, what even IS reality, man?

Toilet Paper Orientation. The Best Batman. #TheDress.

There are just some things that will tear a civilization apart like so much toilet paper off a correctly placed toilet roll (which is over btw). The latest is an audio clip of a computer-generated voice saying a word that some hear as "Yanny" and others hear as "Laurel." 

Originating as a teen dispute that evolved into a Reddit dispute that moved into a Twitter dispute, it went viral after it was shared by social media influencer Cloe Feldman.

Apparently what you hear all boils down to frequency. Those who hear "Yanny" are more attuned to a higher freqency, whereas those who hear "Laurel" are more in tune with a lower frequency. 

What do you hear? 

I think the next important thing to argue about is whether it's spelt "Yanny" or "Yannie". 

(It's Yanny).