• How does VIDIYO work?
  • The Lego Set
  • Is the VIDIYO app worth it?

Lego toys

Lego won't be just a name for nearly century-old Danish toys. Recently, they released an app that can somehow rival TikTok-- it's called VIDIYO

How does VIDIYO work?

The toy manufacturer released VIDIYO last 1 March 2021. People can now download it on app stores. This app is attempting to mix the world's most popular plastic bricks with the enjoyment of creating and safely sharing music videos from home. 

The new Lego VIDIYO line will still incorporate the bricks and minifigs that many people loved for decades. People need the toys to create Lego music videos. The app contains silly sound effects and licensed music.

The use of this app may sound simple, but it's quite complex to explain. 

People can download the Lego VIDIYO app and use it for free. However, they need to purchase the physical sets to unlock the app's full potential. 

After purchasing a toy set, people have to build the character and scan them into the app to unlock them as a bandmate. Once done, they need to create a Lego account to share the videos they make to earn points that unlock costumes and other content.  

The Lego Set 

There are six starter packs available. People can mix those colourful characters with various music genres.  

Scanning one of the available six figures allows users to use a virtual version of the character in their music videos. Also, the characters will unlock a selection of songs in their respective genres. 

There are only 30 songs at launch--this number is really small compared to the near-unlimited collection you can find on TikTok and Instagram. However, Lego is planning to add more music in the future. The company has a partnership with Universal Music. The deal will possibly contain songs from performers such as Taylor Swift and The Weeknd. 

Aside from the characters and music, the starter kits, the mystery bandmate packs, Lego also teases the new bricks called beat bits.

There are more than 130 beat bits, and each unlocks different effects to use in videos. 

Is the VIDIYO app worth it? 

The VIDIYO app won't disappoint Lego fans because there's plenty to do in this app. It contains features for recording and sharing video. 

However, the process of creating video here is not that simple. 

First, users have to register each character separately before they can be used. People can't swap parts of the characters because the scan won't recognise them. 

After scanning the characters, the next thing to do is create a band. Users have to select a band, scan beat bits, and choose the stage. 

Augmented Reality Technology

VIDIYO is an augmented reality (AR) experience. That means the background in videos is the world around the user.  

The app will request permission to use the device camera. It will use the camera to search for a flat surface to display the characters. 

There are reports that the app is having a hard time processing shiny, reflective or glass surfaces. These surfaces make the band floats mid-air. However, that won't affect the overall value of VIDIYO. 

It is also important to note that to make the most of this app’s AR technology and video features, you would need to connect to a stable internet connection. Frequent network interruptions could affect your overall experience.