New scheme aims to increase recycling by 80%

  • E-waste becoming a major concern
  • New generation devices come out every 6 months
  • Gold, glass, platinum and other precious materials recoverable from old computers and TVs

The Government hopes to increase Australia’s recycling rate to 80% over the next decade, with TV’s and computers to be the first products covered under the scheme.

Under the Product Stewardship Bill, “television and computer industries will be responsible for the collection of all products. They will also be responsible for covering the cost of implementing the Scheme, including "collection infrastructure, recycling, awareness and education programs and governance activities."

The new legislation hopes to bring a standardised national recycling program across the country. Eventually, more products will be added under the scheme to maximise our recycling efforts.

Parliamentary secretary for sustainability and urban water said: “Product stewardship is about everyone involved in the production, supply and use of products, sharing responsibility for the environmental impacts throughout a product’s life – from production through to disposal. It aims to reduce hazardous substances, avoid and reduce waste, and increase recycling and resource.”

“Recyclable materials that can be recovered from TVs and computers include glass and plastics, iron, steel, aluminium and copper, and precious metals such as gold, platinum and silver.”

Brad Gray, Planet Ark’s Director of Campaigns, said, “We congratulate the government on introducing the Product Stewardship Bill.  It’s a great first step towards businesses taking responsibility for the materials they produce.”

“Electronics is the item that Planet Ark gets the most recycling queries about, so it’s great to see that TVs and computers are first off the rank.  Now we look forward to seeing the scheme rolled out as a model for other products.”

The new legislation comes just as the iPad 2 has been announced, where some customers will be trading in their barely a year old iPads for the second generation tablet.