Student Internet – The Ultimate Guide

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  • Cost-Effective Broadband
  • Internet Access On A Budget

We all know the most challenging part about living away from home is the acceptance of more responsibility.

If you’re a student living out of home in particular, this is compounded by the fact that more often than not, life has to be lived on an extreme budget.

As well as food and shelter, one thing that is an absolute necessity for students is an immediate, fast and cost-effective Internet connection.

Not just for watching countless cat videos or playing an endless game of COD while procrastinating, the Internet is vital for access to important schooling websites and forums, without which, it would be impossible to complete and submit coursework.

The Plan

For a connection on a budget, look no further than Naked DSL.

Eliminating the monthly cost of phone line rental and home phone plans, Naked DSL activates the fixed copper line to the house purely for Internet traffic.

This makes things a lot less complex in terms of searching for a cost-effective plan that’s right for you, because there aren’t any additional rental charges.

The lack of additional charges also means that you’ll be able to purchase a plan that provides a lot more data for a better price per month by comparison – allowing you to both complete the important stuff and enjoy as many cat videos or play as much COD as you like!

Naked DSL does strip away the ability to make or receive calls on the fixed phone line however.

If a landline is important to you, usually Naked DSL plans offer a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) option, which allows you to make calls over the Internet.

Be mindful that if the Internet connection does drop out, the ability to make and receive calls on the landline will also be compromised, so this type of connection is also ideal for those that mostly use their mobile device to make and receive calls.

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