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Telstra Bigpond offers a number of ADSL, cable, satellite and mobile broadband plans. You can choose to bundle your internet service with a Telstra home phone line, otherwise Telstra will give you a discount on your broadband if your services sit unbundled.

If you’re after a short contract, whichever type of broadband you get, the shortest Telstra can offer is 12 months. While their prices tend to be more expensive than most other internet providers, there are some advantages to going with Telstra:

•    They can offer satellite broadband in rural areas – there are only limited providers who offer satellite, and Bigpond is one of them.
•    Telstra own the fastest and most reliable mobile network – for users opting for mobile broadband, you can be sure to receive the fastest speeds with mobile wireless broadband. The Next G network also has the widest coverage across Australia. They provide the fastest mobile broadband modems on the market.
•    While their contracts may be longer than some other ISP’s, Bigpond will provide a rebate on your modem if you install it yourself.
•    Bigpond can offer ADSL2+ in areas where many other ISP’s can’t. If you need ADSL2+ and can’t get it with other providers, it’s worth giving Bigpond a call.
•    Bigpond are also one of the few providers who offer cable broadband in limited areas, providing some customers with speeds of up to 100Mbps.

Telstra Bigpond home phone and broadband bundles

If you’re game to sign on to a plan for 24 months, there are savings to be made with Telstra’s home phone and broadband bundles. The broadband service is available as ADSL, ADSL2+, and to a lucky few who can access cable broadband. Customers who do more than just the occasional surfing and emailing should skip over the first plan which includes a very low 2GB.

 If you’re after a Telstra T-Hub (the home phone of the future – touchscreen, cordless and internet accessible), you can add one to your package for just $35 upfront, and an additional $11 per month.

$89 2GB + Telstra HomeLine Reach
$99 100GB + Telstra HomeLine Budget
$109 25GB + Telstra HomeLine Reach
$139 100GB + Telstra HomeLine Ultimate
$159 200GB + Telstra HomeLine Ultimate

There are no peak or off peak limitations, and no excess usage charges. If you go over your data limit, your speed is shaped to a very 64Kbps.

Telstra HomeLine Reach: Unlimited local calls, $1 untimed STD calls, $2 for up to 20 minutes to mobiles.
Telstra HomeLine Budget: 30c untimed local calls, $3 for up to 3 hours STD calls, 36c/min + 45c connection fee to mobiles.
Telstra HomeLine Ultimate: Unlimited local, national and calls to Telstra mobiles, and $1.50 for up to 20 minutes to other mobiles (or unlimited mobile calls on the $159 bundle).

For other bundle deals which have some calls included, try Optus (1300 137 897) or TPG (1300 106 571).

Telstra Home Broadband

If you have a home phone with another carrier, or if you just want to keep your services separate, you could opt for one of the plans listed below. Customers who do have a Telstra home phone can look forward to a small discount on their monthly broadband fee.

Again, users who do more than occasional web surfing and emailing should skip past the first plan as it includes a very small 2GB.

Up to: 1500/256kbps ADSL, 8Mbps/256kbps Cable

Bigpond Turbo 2GB Liberty - $29.95 with a Telstra home phone, $39.95 standalone.

Up to: 20/1Mbps4 ADSL, 30Mbps/1Mbps4 Cable

Bigpond Elite 2GB Liberty - $39.95 with a Telstra home phone, $49.95 standalone.
Bigpond Elite 50GB Liberty - $69.95 with a Telstra home phone, $79.95 standalone.
Bigpond Elite 200GB Liberty - $89.95 with a Telstra home phone, $99.95 standalone.

For similar ADSL plans, you could compare these with iiNet (1300 106 571) or with TPG (1300 106 571).

Telstra Mobile Broadband

Telstra’s mobile broadband pricing is fairly steep, but there’s also a considerable difference in speeds compared with other mobile broadband carriers (with most others sharing the Optus network). If you’re too far from an exchange or you need internet on the go, Bigpond can provide mobile broadband with speeds ranging from 1.1Mbps up to 20Mbps (in selected metro areas).

New customers who sign up to a 24-month Telstra Bigpond Mobile Broadband plan will receive a full rebate on their new USB modem. Click here to find out more about Bigpond’s new Ultimate USB modem. You can also purchase a Bigpond Elite Network Gateway if you want to create a Wi-Fi signal to connect multiple devices simultaneously. The Network Gateway is $299, or if you sign up for 24 months, you’ll get a $100 rebate.

Bigpond Liberty 400MB - $19.95 with a Telstra home phone, $29.95 standalone.
Bigpond Liberty 1GB - $29.95 with a Telstra home phone, $39.95 standalone.
Bigpond Liberty 3GB - $39.95 with a Telstra home phone, $49.95 standalone.
Bigpond Liberty 7GB - $49.95 with a Telstra home phone, $59.95 standalone.
Bigpond Liberty 12GB - $79.95 with a Telstra home phone, $89.95 standalone.

If you’re after similar mobile broadband plans for a cheaper price, you could try the Virgin Mobile (1300 106 571) or Optus (1300 768 194) mobile broadband plans.

To find out what Telstra Bigpond has to offer in your area, call us on 1300 106 571 and we can discuss your options with you.