Telstra Elite Mobile Wi-Fi: the newest portable hotspot

Telstra has released a new USB modem which can connect up to five devices at once. The modem provides typical download speeds of 550Kbps-8Mbps when connecting one device at a time (and in areas with good coverage). The Telstra Elite Mobile Wi-Fi will be available to pre-paid mobile broadband customers from April 12th.

The mobile broadband modem will be priced at $129. Telstra will include 5GB of data, which has a 90-day expiry. The recharge values range from $20-$150. Dates of expiry for recharge vouchers range from 21 days up to 365 days. 

The battery-powered USB modem will provide a hotspot for up to five devices wherever there is Next G coverage. As mobile wireless broadband continues to gain popularity amongst Australians, the new modem is a big step-up in terms of speed, coverage and functionality.

Warwick Bray, Executive Director Telstra Mobility Products said “More than 4 million Australians now use mobile broadband to connect when commuting, to access Facebook at university, and to work flexibly out of the office. Our customers tell us they love the speed and reliability of Next G mobile broadband but they’ve said they’d like an easier way to share it with a greater range of Wi-Fi enabled devices including smartphones, tablets, cameras, laptops and portable games consoles.

“With the press of a button this mobile hotspot can connect up to five devices to the internet at speeds up to twice as fast as competitor 3G products in capitals and many regional areas. Customers can now avoid the hassle of having to find public hotspots by taking mobile Wi-Fi with them. We think they’re going to love how easy this device makes connecting their services,” he said.

The Telstra Elite Mobile Wi-Fi USB modem is small, lightweight and features an OLED display which displays signal strength, battery level and the number of devices which are connected to the hotspot.