Turnbull: Coalition would still pull out of NBN

  • Libs determined to halt NBN
  • Turnbull insists on NBN cost-benefit analysis
  • Questions over use of 100Mbps speeds

Malcolm Turnbull has said the passing of laws, as well as signing of contracts will make discontinuing with the National Broadband Network (NBN) difficult. However, he says the Coalition would still pull out of the project if it wins office.

Malcolm Turnbull spoke at the Communications Day Summit in Sydney today, stating that the fibre network couldn’t be sold until it’s complete, which is likely to be a number of years away.

 "It is not going to be easy. By legislation and by contract with Telstra, [Labor is] creating a very complex Gordian knot of contract and legislation and regulation that will be very hard to unpick. But that is going to be a question of the means and practicality."

"Selling the NBN will be harder than privatising Telstra was," Turnbull added.
Turnbull outlined the Coalition’s broadband policy, which would begin with a cost-benefit analysis of the NBN.

"I imagine that will involve a very significant change to the NBN strategy, I imagine there will be many areas where you will see fibre-to-the-node, no doubt some areas where there will be at least to the basement, but I don't believe that there will be a fibre-to-the-home network. I just don't think that will be justified economically," he said.

Turnbull used his address to once again question why Australians would need an internet connection that runs at 100Mbps. He described how in a recent trip to Korea, he received a demonstration of a high definition video conference which he said took his breath way. However, the connection only needed a 1.5Mbps data stream.

Telstra CEO David Thodey and Internode’s managing director Simon Hackett also spoke at the summit.