What is the meaning of the Google Chrome dinosaur that appears offline?

  • Everyone hates that “No Internet Connection” screen
  • But why does Google Chrome have little grey T-Rex in the corner?
  • Surprise! It’s a hidden game!

Have you ever seen this screen?


Then stared at it wondering why there’s a little grey T-Rex in the corner?



Well, it’s actually a hidden game!


What you’ve always figured to be just another annoying error screen is actually a classic style “running” game that the clever folks at Google have cheekily added into their offline screen.


Is this the programmers having a sense of humour? Or do they just feel bad that our Internet doesn’t work?


Whatever the reason, the use of a dinosaur as Chrome’s “There is no Internet connection” representative seems fitting as a lack of Internet is an issue only dinosaurs had to deal with, right?


It’s a prehistoric problem after all. (If your current Internet is a pain check out some great deals here!)



So you want to know the trick to unlocking the game?


Simple. The game can be activated by pressing the spacebar.


That will awaken the beast!


That little grey T-Rex will run its little heart out and your job is to press the spacebar to jump and avoid the oncoming cacti and pterodactyl flying around. Watch your score rise as the pace picks up and the obstacles get more difficult. If your T-Rex runs into any said obstacles it’s ‘Game Over’ but you can simply press the spacebar and get straight back to trying to beat your high score...while you wait for the Internet to come back on of course.


According to Reddit, one poor fellow with too much time on his hands reached a whopping score of 4,300! Beat that!


Sadly, your score won’t save if you refresh the page but hopefully by then the Internet has revived itself and you can get back to important things, like watching “Ultimate Fail” clips on YouTube.


If you want to see how it works without being offline just enter the address below and have a play!