What modems are on offer from the ISPs?

The advantage of buying a new modem directly from your ISP is that your provider will be able to offer you technical support if you have any issues with it. The other advantage is that if you opt for a longer contract, your ISP may offer to subsidise the cost of the new modem.

Some providers offer only a couple of choices in the way of modems. Often, this is a choice between a 1-port or 4-port modem and a wireless modem. A wireless modem is both a modem and router in the one device, which means you can connect multiple devices at once via the wireless signal.

Each of the modems below is compatible with both an ADSL1 and ADSL2+ service.

TPG modems

While TPG doesn’t offer a subsidised price on their modems, it does offer some of the cheapest broadband plans in Australia. Their home phone and broadband plans offer large amounts of data allowance, with the option to sign up for a contract as short as six months.

1-port modem: Dynalink RTA 1320 $69.95

4-port modem: Netcomm NB6Plus4 $79.95

Wireless 4 Port ADSL2+ Router: Netcomm NB14WN $149.95

Wireless 4 Port ADSL2/2+ Router with VoIP: Dynalink RTA1046VW $149.95 (when you sign up to a TPG VoIP plan).

The prices above include TPG’s $10 delivery fee.

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Internode modems

Internode doesn’t offer any discounts on their modems, however their plans on offer include generous amounts of data, and their plans are available on month-by-month contracts. Internode offers premium customers service, and they can also set-up a Naked DSL connection in limited areas from an inactive phone line.

FRITZ!Box 7270 $299

The FRITZ!Box features a wizard which makes setting up this modem and router straightforward. The modem is VoIP compatible, and is even ready for National Broadband Network (NBN) customers. The modem also has one USB port. This premium modem comes with an extended warranty of 60-month warranty.

4-port modem: Netcomm NB6Plus4 $99

The Netcomm NB6Plus4 modem is an entry-level ADSL/ADSL2+ modem which comes with a warranty of three years.

Wireless 4 Port ADSL2+ Router with VoIP: Netcomm NB6Plus4W $119

This modem is an entry level Wireless G modem. It also features 1 USB port. When you order the Netcomm NB6Plus4W online, it comes with an extended warranty of three years.

Wireless 4 Port ADSL2+ Router with VoIP: Billion 7401VGP-R3 $179

You can plug a regular home phone directly into the Billion 7401VGP-R3 to make VoIP phone calls.

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iiNet modems

BoB Lite

The BoB lite set-up wizard makes installing this modem and router easy. BoB Lite is VoIP-compatible, and it also includes one USB port to charge your MP3 player or plug-in your storage device. If you already have a home phone you’d like to use for a VoIP-service, you can plug it directly into the BoB Lite modem.

iiNet is offering a free BoB Lite modem for a limited time only on all 24-month bundle plans. If you opt for a Naked DSL service, the modem can be purchased for $69 on a 24-month contract, or $99 on a month-by-month plan.

BoB 4-port wireless VOIP router, incl. handset

BoB 4-port wireless VOIP router includes a port to plug-in one standard phone line, plus a VoIP phone as well. The included handset is portable, and two USB modems are also included. Set-up is made easy with the online set-up wizard, and BoB has a secure wireless network which operates at up to twice the range of most wireless modems. It’s available for $269 on a 24-month contract, or $369 on a month-by-month contract.

Both of the BoB modems are compatible with FetchTV.

Call iiNet on 1300 106 571 to find out more about their broadband, home phone and VoIP plans.

Spintel modems

Spintel offers TP-link modem

Spintel offers a subsidy on all modems if you sign up for at least 12 months. On many of their plans, you can even get the 1-port standard modem free. Spintel also offers a range of other hardware including splitters, wireless adaptors and a Wireless Router Booster Antenna ($30). Spintel offers one of the cheapest broadband and home phone plans at the moment, which is priced at $39.95 per month, and includes 10GB of broadband and unlimited local calls.

1-port modem: TP-Link TD-8810 $79 (outright)

Wireless 4 Port ADSL2+ Router: TP-Link TD-88101G $119 (outright)

Wireless 4 Port ADSL2/2+ Router with VoIP: Billion 7401VGP $149 (outright)

Call Spintel on 1300 381 277 to find out more about their broadband and home phone plans.