Who benefits from having Naked DSL?

  • Who benefits from having Naked DSL?
  • How To Make Calls On Naked DSL
  • Lose The Line Rental For Good

Naked DSL is an easy, no fuss form of Internet broadband that uses your existing fixed phone line as the Digital Subscriber Line to your home.

This means that you don’t incur the extra cost of having to purchase a separate phone line for your broadband connection, and experience less fuss during the installation process.

Because the existing line will be used for a broadband connection however, the ability to send and receive phone calls over that fixed line will be stripped away (hence the term ‘naked’).

To combat this, plans usually include a VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol – that allows phone calls to be made over the Internet instead.

This does however mean that if the Internet connection drops out, the ability to make and receive calls to the home is compromised too.

With that said, Naked DSL is particularly ideal for those who don’t always require a fixed home line or prefer to use their mobile device to make and receive calls.

This particular connection is also cheaper than most plans, as the monthly cost of renting the fixed copper line and for making and receiving calls through your phone plan (as you would be required to do with an ADSL/ADSL2+ connection) is erased completely.

Naked DSL still activates the same copper line but only for the purpose of internet traffic, so you only have a single plan to deal with – not a bundle, making things much less complex and cost effective.

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