Blink is a mobile broadband provider with straightforward, reasonably priced plans and great customer service.


Month-to-month mobile broadband plans start from $9.95 a month for 1GB of data. At the other end of the scale, a massive 24GB is available for $89.95 a month, which is perfect for heavy downloaders.

A free USB modem is included on the longer-term, 24-month plans, but customers who prefer the flexibility of month-to-month can buy one of Blink's USB modems for $49.95. Customers can also use their own dongle if they prefer.

Blink's wireless plans are also available for the latest tablet devices, including the iPad, iPad2, Samsung Galaxy and others. You can even bundle an iPad 2 or a Galaxy in with your mobile broadband plan, which makes a great gift. There is no payment up front, you simply pay for the tablet each month with your broadband plan.

Blink benefits

One of the best advantages of Blink is the 'loaner' system. Customers whose laptop has broken down do not have to continue paying for an internet service they cannot access – Blink will loan you a laptop while yours is in for repair.

Customer service is another benefit to being a Blink customer. Blink has won an award for its Australian contact centre, and prides itself on providing a great customer experience.

No bill shock

Blink sends customers a text message if they reach 80% of their data cap. If you exceed your data limit, Blink pauses the service and gives you the option to purchase more data or upgrade the plan. This way, you don't have to worry about accidentally running up a massive bill because you went over your cap.

Optus coverage

Blink uses the Optus network, which covers 97% of the Australian population. If you want to find out if Blink can offer good coverage in your area, call Blink on 1800 484 051.

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