Contract up with Virgin Mobile Home Broadband? Here are some alternatives

  • Virgin exclusively mobile now
  • Dodo Buddy Box provides alternative
  • ADSL2+ a step up, though not available everywhere

Virgin Mobile is discontinuing its popular home phone and broadband deal, which offered a VoIP home phone service plus an internet connection over the 3G wireless network.

Customers already under contract can carry on, or can still bundle a mobile wireless plan and a mobile phone together. However, if you are looking for a similar deal from another provider, Compare Broadband can help you find a plan.

Dodo Buddy Box

Virgin Home Broadband customers who have been happy with the service and are looking for something similar with another provider should give Dodo a call on 1300 136 793.

Dodo offers the Buddy Box, which also operates from the 3G wireless network. Both Dodo and Virgin use Optus towers to provide the service, so the connection speeds and reliability should be similar.

Prices start at just $9.90 a month, which includes $10 of calls and 50MB of data in the peak time. The excess charge for data is $10 a GB, so this is best suited to very light internet users.

ADSL2+ bundles

Not everyone will be satisfied with a 3G connection, as Mobile Wireless is notorious for slow speeds and drop-outs, especially at peak times. A better alternative for those who are looking for a home phone and broadband package is an ADSL2+ bundle plan.

TPG has some of the cheapest ADSL2+ bundle plans on the market, starting from $9.99 for 10GB plus $30 for line rental (5GB peak, 5GB off peak). There are no phone calls included in this plan but unlimited local calls can be added for an extra $5 a month.

If you would prefer to include more phone calls (local, national and some mobile) Optus Fusion plans are a great value option. Fusion plans start from $79 a month. Give Optus a call on 1300 137 897 for more information.

ADSL Bundles

Many people go for wireless Mobile Broadband plans because ADSL2+ is not available in their area. However, there are providers who offer bundles on ADSL plans and these plans can be reasonably fast.

iPrimus has some great ADSL plans on a 1,500kbps speed, starting from $39.95 a month for 20GB plus $29.95 line rental. Give iPrimus a call on 1300 137 794.

For faster speeds, iiNet offers plans with up to 20Mbps available, which is equivalent to ADSL2+. Plans on this speed start at $69.95 a month for 100GB (50GB on peak, 50GB off peak) plus line rental of $29.95. iiNet has a range of plans for ADSL customers, starting at $34.95 a month plus $29.95 line rental.

Give iiNet a call on 1300 106 571 to find the right plan for your needs.