• TransACT is a telecommunications company based in Canberra
  • TransACT offers mobile broadband services over the Vodafone network
  • Offers mobile broadband plans bundled with an Acer Iconia tablet

TransACT is a telecommunications company based in Canberra. Australian Capital Territory (ACT) dwellers will be familiar with the name, as TransACT supplies many homes in Canberra and the surrounding suburbs with wholesale cable broadband services. In the ACT, TransACT uses a number of Internet Service Providers (ISPs), including Grapevine, to provide a cable broadband service.

TransACT mobile broadband

While TransACT has expanded its cable services into other states including Victoria and NSW, most people outside Canberra will be looking at the mobile broadband plans, which are available all over Australia.

Mobile broadband is transmitted over the 3G network using mobile phone towers. The signal is picked up by a mobile broadband modem. This is usually a USB stick that plugs directly into a laptop, or a Wi-Fi device to which multiple devices can connect. Some devices, such as tablets or iPads, have a built-in modem, so all you would need is a SIM card (microSIM card for the iPad).


The most important factor for mobile broadband is the coverage. It's best to call the provider before signing up to a plan to make sure your home, and any other areas you intend to use the service, are considered to have good coverage.

TransACT uses the Vodafone network to offer coverage to 94% of the Australian population. Vodafone currently uses the 900 MHz and 2100MHz frequencies to deliver a 3G service across Australia but is also rolling out a new 850MHz network.

The 850MHz frequency is used by Telstra for its NextG network and Telstra claims the frequency delivers better coverage in more areas, including where coverage is usually weak, such as in basements and lifts.

If you have used Vodafone in the past and coverage has not been good, you may find that the situation has now improved, so give TransACT a call to find out what the coverage is like at your address.


TransACT has several mobile broadband plans to choose from. The 12-month plans are bundled with a USB modem and the 24-month plans come with an Acer Iconia tablet.

TransACT has a 1GB plan for light users who only want to check their email while out and about, for $19 a month, on a 12-month contract. For medium users, TransACT offers 3GB for $29 and for heavy users there is a 6GB plan for $39 a month.

Tablet mobile broadband plans

The Acer Iconia A501 is a 10.1" multi-touch display tablet, running the Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system. The tablet is 3G and Wi-Fi enabled, so you can use your TransACT plan while out and about and connect to a Wi-Fi network when at home or in the office. Acer Iconia tablets also feature front and back cameras, which you can use it for video Skype calls. With a powerful dual-core processor, this is an ideal tablet for entertainment, communication and work.

Again, TransACT offers 1GB, 3GB and 6GB plans bundled with the Iconia. However, these plans are all on a 24-month contract. There is no upfront cost.

The 1GB plan with the tablet costs $40 a month, the 3GB plan costs $54 a month and the 6GB plan costs $64 a month.

By bundling the Iconia into a plan, you are receiving a discount on the recommended retail price, plus you can pay off the tablet over 24 months instead of paying for it upfront.

Who would suit a TransACT plan?

The plans bundled with a tablet are very good value and would suit anyone looking for a powerful tablet that can run Adobe Flash (this is not available on an iPad). The only drawback with these plans is the long 24-month contract. TransACT mobile broadband plans are good value and would suit anyone who has good coverage on the Vodafone network.