Virgin Mobile Broadband Internet Service Provider Details

Award winning provider Virgin Mobile offers a range of great value mobile plans and mobile broadband products. The carrier provides over one million Australians with mobile services using the Optus network, which covers 97% of the country.

Customers in need of a wireless connection can choose from Virgin mobile’s prepaid packages or a 12-month post-paid plan, which will include a free mobile broadband modem. Customers can bundle their mobile broadband service with a post-paid Virgin mobile phone to get $5 off their bill each month.

Unlike many other mobile broadband carriers, there are no excess usage charges with Virgin Mobile’s broadband service. If you exceed your limit, speeds are slowed to up to 128Kbps, and after 250MB, your service is unavailable till the following billing period unless you “top-up.”

Virgin Mobile often has exclusive online specials (such as half price access fees for five months), so it’s worth checking the Compare Broadband news site to see what’s on offer. Delivery is free, and next day delivery is provided in metro areas.

Time to activate:
Next day delivery in metro areas

Peak times:
There are no peak or off peak restrictions

Cost of initial set-up:
Post-paid plans have no set-up fee, prepaid is $10 if you BYO modem (or $5 for a Micro Sim to use with compatible tablet devices). Prepaid packages are available with a modem from $49.

Contract lengths:
Prepaid or 12-month contracts


USB modem: connects one PC or laptop at a time. Expandable memory support (up to 8GB microSD). From $49 on a prepaid package
Wi-Fi modem: connects up to three Wi-Fi enabled devices. From $99 on a prepaid package

Payment is with direct debit or E-bill only.

Cancellation fees:

1. If you cancel with the first 6-months, a Premature Evacuation Fee of $250 applies.
2. You will need to pay out the Post Paid Payout of the USB modem.
3. You will also have to pay out the Prorated cost of the current month.
So if you cancel your account within the 24-month contract period the following charges will apply:

PPP + Prorated Minimum Spend for the month + Contract Payout + Early Termination Charge