Why Choose Mobile Broadband?

Mobile broadband gives you the freedom to connect to the internet wherever you are in Australia. No longer are you restricted to accessing the internet at home, you can now take you broadband internet with you wherever you go.

The popularity of mobile broadband has produced some great broadband deals in Australia. Telstra Bigpond even boasts its Next G network can reach over 98% of Australians. Now there is no reason not to have a mobile broadband connection wherever you are.

Mobile broadband hardware is relatively competitive when compared to an ADSL, ADSL2+, Naked DSL or Cable, broadband connection.

Many providers will include a mobile broadband modem for free when you sing up to one of their plans. For example, 3 mobile broadband offers a 2GB mobile broadband plan with a free USB modem on a 24 month contract for only $29 a month. Al  you need to do is sign up, plug in your 3 mobile broadband modem and you are ready to go.

Mobile broadband also lets you also save on connection fees as a mobile broadband connection is usually free. There a no line activation charges often associated with ADSL, ADSL2+ cable broadband and Naked DSL connections.

There are also no monthly home phone line rentals to pay as a mobile broadband connection uses the mobile phone network to transmit a fast broadband signal wirelessly. If you don’t need you home phone line and can’t get a Naked DSL connection, Mobile broadband can save you money off your monthly broadband costs.

If you are currently using internet on your mobile phone, consider switching to a mobile broadband plan for your laptop. It can save you money and offer much higher monthly download limits than a mobile phone carrier. Don’t currently own a laptop? With Vodafone you can get a Mini Dell Netbook plus a mobile broadband plan with 5GB of monthly downloads for only $59.95 a month on a 24 month contract. Vodafone’s fast mobile broadband network will let you browse the internet, read emails or download music at typical download speeds between 300 and 1500kbps.

Before you sign up to anything, it is important to check the mobile broadband coverage in the areas you intend on using your broadband internet service. In major cities you may receive speeds up to 3000kbps, however speeds will be affected by interference from buildings and network demand.

It is also important to check the excess usage charges if you exceed your monthly download quota on your mobile broadband plan. For example, on a Telstra Bigpond mobile broadband plan excess usage fees of 25 cents per MB apply on the 200MB and 1GB mobile broadband plan. However, on the 5GB and 10GB mobile broadband liberty plans there are no excess usage charges. This is an important consideration when deciding what monthly download limit you will need.

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