Best Deals Right Now for Naked DSL

  • You don't want Naked DSL.
  • Unless you're going with MyNetFone, Internode or Primus
  • But a bundle is fine.

Later this month we’ll be posting a thorough examination of Naked DSL, which is in the news spotlight as Telstra makes furious arguments against providing it to consumers. We’ll examine what Naked DSL is, what it isn’t, why it can be largely ignored and why most people have no clue what it’s all about.


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But for now, we’ll try to answer the most pressing questions for people looking for a good deal on Naked DSL, or Naked Broadband, or whatever it is people think they’re looking for – and identify deals that actually make sense.

What is Naked DSL?

Here’s how a broadband connection to the internet works. The internet is out there. You’re in your house. The company with internet has to have a way to send it to your house from out there. They can either send it to you via a long range wireless signal from a mobile phone tower, or along some type of fixed line leading into your house. What’s a fixed line? Um…let’s just call it what it is. It’s a pipe.

Internets that have been piped in come with more internets. When internets are sent to you over the air, some of the internets get absorbed into buildings, trees and rain. And it’s also shared by everyone else in your area.

So, if you want a steady connection with lots of gigabytes, because of Xbox and also Skype, then you want Piped In Internets.

But the only two pipes that can be used are telephone pipes or cable pipes. Cable pipes are fast, but expensive and don’t go to every household. Telephone pipes go to every house, even when the pipe isn’t being used for telephones.

But to use telephone pipes, you generally have to have the telephone on first. People don’t like that because of iPhones. So they developed a form of internet using telephone pipes that comes with no telephone. That’s Naked DSL, or Naked Broadband. It’s naked because the telephone is clothes, get it?

Why is it hard to get Naked DSL?

IT JUST IS. The actual, factual reason is that Telstra, the owner of all the telephone pipes, has reservations about providing Naked Pipes. A cynic might conclude that their reservations are “we won’t make extra revenue from phone services”, but Telstra’s official line is “it’s technologically inconvenient, and naked pipes are more prone to faults by a 2-1 margin”. Whichever side you’re on, the point is, it’s hard to get.

You can get Naked DSL if you’re in a heavily populated metro area, and even then only sometimes. Because of science. Oh, and economics. Mostly economics, actually.

Does Naked DSL Save Me Money?

Uh, Duh. If you get a bundled home phone and internet line, you may pay $40 for internets, and $30 for the phone pipe. What a rip off! Instead, Naked DSL will just charge you $70 for internets. Bargain!

In all seriousness, Naked DSL costs more to provision from a wholesale standpoint, and this extra cost is reflected in the retail price you pay.

So Why Get Naked DSL?

- You don’t want the temptation of a home phone in your house, aching to be used

- Naked DSL theoretically ekes out a little bit more speed. Theoretically is slang for ‘Mostly doesn’t’.

- You have a religious thing.

But Naked DSL can’t hurt, right?

Sure can! Everyone can used ‘bundled’ pipes. Not everyone can use ‘Unbundled’ (Naked) pipes. When you’re fed up with your ISP, you can easily transfer from one to another if you’re on a bundled pipe. If you’re on a Naked Pipe, you have to disconnect, and wait 2 weeks to be reconnected.

If I get a bundled deal, and never plug in a telephone handset, then haven’t I made my life easier and basically given myself Naked DSL?


But surely someone prefers to offer Naked DSL?

Yes, thankfully. Otherwise we’d all go crazy.

has a bundle plan (phone + internet) with 30GB of data for $30 a month plus a $30 line rental (total $60). Their Naked plan was previously the same - $60 for 30GB. But for a while now, and for the foreseeable future, their 30GB Naked plan will come with 150GB instead, making it much better value overall. Call 1300 106 571 to check for eligibility.

prefers to offer Naked DSL. Their best value plan is a 200GB (100 peak/100 off peak) plan for $50, with a free Wi-Fi modem on a 12 month contract. Call 1300 421 046.

likes to do Naked DSL. $70 gets you Unlimited data. This is equal to TPG’s Unlimited Naked plan, but TPG require that your line is already connected before ‘converting’ to Naked DSL, whereas Primus will allow for Naked DSL on vacant phone lines. BUT…Primus is available in half as many places as TPG. BUT…Primus has great customer service, all based in Melbourne. Call 1300 137 794.


DON’T GO FOR NAKED DSL. Unless it’s with one of these guys. If Naked DSL is not available, go with a bundled ADSL2+ plan and don’t use the phone. Simple!

Call us on 1300 501 578 for help in finding a plan!