• Naked DSL - no separate line rental
  • But...you still need a phone line connection.
  • Not always cheaper

Naked DSL is for people who want an ADSL2+ superfast broadband connection, but who don’t need a landline telephone. For those who are unaware, Naked DSL is an ADSL2+ super-fast broadband internet connection that runs on the copper phone line to your home, yet you effectively deactivate the phone aspect of the line to make it function solely for broadband.

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This service isn’t available in all locations, so it is usually limited to major metropolitan areas where the other internet service providers feel they can make their investment back from a denser population. The main issue people come up against when trying to set up a Naked DSL connection is actually how to set it up. There is more than one method of doing so, and different providers offer varied means.

Essentially, getting Naked DSL is a 3-step process:

1.    Have an active phone line
2.    Activate the Naked DSL on the line
3.    Deactivate the phone aspect of the line

How long does it take to connect?

First of all, you should know Naked DSL, because it involves changes to a phone service, could take 10-20 working days to become active. Normal ADSL and ADSL2+ connections usually only take between 3-6 working days, so this can be frustrating for those who want to get their internet right away, like people who do all of their phone calling on their mobile phone, but want fast and stable internet.

People often realise they want a Naked DSL connection after moving into a new home or rental property. They don’t want a telephone, but they also feel Mobile Wireless broadband internet that runs off the mobile phone towers isn’t suitable for their needs. As you may know, in most instances an ADSL connection is much more stable than Mobile Wireless, faster, gets more download data and is generally better value for money.

What if I don’t have an active phone line?

If you don’t have an active phone line at the new home you have a couple ways of getting a Naked DSL connection. For example, some companies like iiNet, Optus and iPrimus can tell you from your address whether or not they can give you the service from your local phone exchange, whereas other providers like TPG and Internode need you to first activate your phone line on the Telstra infrastructure before they can tell you if Naked DSL is available through their company.

Call iiNet on 1300 106 571
iPrimus on 1300 137 794
Optus on 1300 137 897

If you do think the Naked DSL plans from TPG or Exetel are the most competitive, you’ll need to either call Telstra Home Phone Connections on 1800 331 286, or connect your phone to a different landline telephone provider that rents the Telstra infrastructure to run its service. In the end, you need to have an active phone number on the Telstra Flexstream Database.

Once this phone number has been activated you can call TPG or Exetel via Compare Broadband on 1300 106 571 and we can check to see if the Naked DSL service is available in your area. Phone exchanges are being updated with new DSLAMs that allow ADSL2+ broadband everyday around Australia.

What extra fees will I have to pay when I don’t have a landline telephone?

If you go down this Naked DSL road, you need to be aware you’ll have to pay for both a connection fee and disconnection fee for the phone service, plus one month’s rental of the phone line. This will amount to $60 for the connection, $100 for disconnecting the phone aspect of the line within the first 3 months, and $30 for a month’s landline phone rental. That’s $190 you’ll need to consider as an addition to other set-up fees, modem costs and monthly internet bills for your Naked DSL service.

Companies like iPrimus, Optus and iiNet can do the entire connection for you from scratch, which will save you some time and effort, but you should be aware of the fact that any fees Telstra charge you in the first scenario, these companies will incorporate these same fees into their set-up costs.

What if I already have an active landline telephone?

If you already have an active landline telephone on the Telstra infrastructure, and have had it for over 3 months, you’re in luck, as you won’t have to deal with the connection and disconnection fees described above. It could simply be you realise you no longer have a need for your landline, but still want a fast and stable broadband connection. In this instance, going for TPG or Internode with their lower set-up costs will probably be your best option. We’ll be able to tell you right away whether or not you can get the Naked DSL connection from your active phone number. Call us on 1300 106 571 and we can help you set up a plan.

Why is having my telephone on Optus an issue?

If your phone line is with Optus, you’ll need to find out if the landline is on Optus infrastructure or Telstra infrastructure. Do this by calling Telstra Home Phone Connections on 1800 331 286. If you’re on Optus you’ll most probably have to use their broadband service, although in some cases iPrimus run on their network, so they’ll be a fallback option. Otherwise, the majority of broadband providers use the Telstra network, so if you want access to their plans you’ll need to port your phone number from Optus over to Telstra. Sometimes Optus rent Telstra infrastructure, and in this instance you won’t have any issues.

Get an idea about which providers’ Naked DSL services are available from your address:

If you don’t have a phone line at all, taking the iPrimus, Optus and iiNet options could be your best bet, as you’re eliminating all potential risks of getting a phone line connected only to find out when the number is activated that TPG and Internode don’t service your location. These companies can tell you from a coverage map whether they have Naked DSL ports at your local exchange.

What does it mean when they say there aren’t any Naked DSL ports available?

Another factor to consider is that if a provider has ports available for Naked DSL at your local exchange today, it doesn’t mean they’ll still be there next month. This is because each provider has a limited number of ports allocated to rent out to customers, and once the provider has reached their limit, you are forced to wait until a port becomes free, or attempt to try a different provider.

Why go Naked DSL?

The main advantages of having a Naked DSL connection are you get a super-stable, ultra-quick broadband connection for a low price, and with the potential of large download data allowances. You also don’t have to pay landline telephone rental, so it’s a must for those who live on their mobile phones, but who want a better broadband connection than Mobile Wireless, which works off of the mobile phone towers. If Naked DSL is available in your area and you don’t need a home phone, there’s no reason to wait any longer!