MyNetFone Naked Broadband – Best Naked deal available?

  • MyNetFone offering free connection, free wi-fi modem
  • First two months free
  • Available at over 300 exchanges

***MyNetFone have been running an offer for the last few months on plans $50 and over. On a 12 month contract, new customers will receive a free connection and a free wireless modem. They’ve added a sweetener this week – first two months free. They’re currently only guaranteeing the offer until April 20th (though we’ve seen their offers extended in the past). Call MyNetFone on 1300 106 571.***

Naked DSL isn’t what most people think it is. It’s advertised as broadband without line rental, but that’s mostly semantics. MyNetFone seems to be the company doing the best job of removing the confusion.

mynetfone naked broadband

Click here to check out MynetFone’s Naked Broadband plans, or call 1300 106 571

Click here for Internode’s naked broadband plans – great customer service!

Click here for TPG’s Naked Broadband Unlimited plans

In a normal ADSL scenario, your monthly fee is broken into two charges – the line rental and the subscription price.  You’re provided with a dial tone and a voice service, which many people neither need nor want, thanks to generous mobile caps. Most people make the connection that the voice service is costing them $30, even though they don’t want the service.

That's not quite correct. The line rental is the charge that you pay to use any service on the copper telephone line. That includes your internet connection. The voice service is added because a) some people still want it, and b) the ISP is hoping you’ll use it – phone calls drive in a lot of revenue.

With Naked Broadband, the scenario is the same, but no voice service is included. The line rental is not itemized as a separate charge, but it is still in there. Which is why Internode’s bundle plans start at $60 ($30 line rental + $30 internet), while their Naked plans start at…$60. For TPG, the situation is even more confusing. Their unlimited bundles total $60, but unlimited naked plans are $70!

MyNetFone is focused almost purely on the naked side of things. They don’t have an unlimited data offer, but their $59.95 500GB plan (250 peak/250 offpeak) is probably more than enough for enthusiasts.

With their current offer, MyNetFone seem to be stamping their foot down and saying “If you want to be naked, you want to be with us”. Their coverage footprint is pretty large – They can supply their plans and offers to almost all Optus supported exchanges- of which there’s about 350.

If you’re at a Telstra-only exchange, Naked Broadband won’t be available. But both Club Telco – 1300 138 155 and Dodo – 1300 136 793 – should be able to offer a good value bundle.