• Australian ISP specialising in Naked Broadband
  • Ideal for users who don't want a home phone
  • 20GB data packs for $10 if you go over your data

MyNetFone is an Australian owned and operated Internet Service Provider (ISP) specialising in Naked DSL services.

Naked DSL is a popular form of broadband in Australia, where many customers already have mobile plans and do not have a need for a landline telephone service. MyNetFone also offers VoIP services, which customers can add to their broadband plans. MyNetFone offers one of the widest ranges of Naked DSL plans, starting from as little as 1GB up to a terabyte.

MyNetFone are especially great for their current special offer: free modem and a free set-up on their Economy and up plans on a 12 month contract! Call now on 1300 768 081.

Compare Broadband takes a look at MyNetFone's plans, prices and customer service. If you prefer to speak directly to MyNetFone, call now on 1300 768 081.

Prices and plans

View all MyNetFone Naked DSL plans and prices here.

MyNetFone offers five Naked broadband plans, which can also be accessed as ADSL2+ or ADSL plans if Naked DSL is not available.

Plans are fairly straightforward, starting at 1GB aimed at customers moving on from dial-up, or those who really only need an internet connection to check their email, pay their bills or browse a few websites.

While MyNetFone shapes most of its plans, customers on this plan will be charged $5 a GB for excess data.

With no line rental to pay, $29.95 is a cheap way of accessing 1GB. This plan can be compared with Dodo, which offers 5GB (split 2.5GB on peak and 2.5GB off peak) for $29.90 when bundled with a Dodo home phone service. However, this is only available on a 24-month contract, while MyNetFone offers a choice of a 0-month, 12-month or 24-month contract with its 1GB plan.

MyNetFone has another light plan, with 10GB in the peak and 10GB in the off peak. This plan costs just $39.95, which is ideal for light users as most Naked DSL plans on the market start from $49.95 a month, such as Spintel's 20GB anytime plan.

For heavier users, MyNetFone has a 200GB plan, split 100GB in the peak and 100GB in the off peak. This is aimed at customers who download movies, TV shows, music and games on a regular basis.

At $49.95 a month, this offers excellent value for a Naked broadband plan. The next best plan currently on the market is from Optus, which offers 120GB for $49.99 a month, 70GB of which is restricted to off-peak times.

For $59.95 a month, MyNetFone offers 500GB, split 250GB in the peak and 250GB in the off peak times. This should be enough for even the heaviest of downloaders, and is cheaper than a similar Optus plan ($69.99 a month for 500GB split 250GB in the peak and 250GB in the off peak).

Finally, for customers who are constantly downloading large files, MyNetFone offers a terabyte – over 1,000GB – of data a month for $99.95 on its Deluxe plan.

This plan compares well with competitors, such as Internode's terabyte plan for $149.95 a month. iPrimus does offer an unlimited Naked DSL plan for just $69 a month which is hard to beat at that price.

Data Boost

MyNetFone offers 20GB data packs for just $10 to customers who have used up their quota before the end of the month and who don't want to be shaped. This is ideal for customers who occasionally need more data but don't want to upgrade their plan.

The Data Boost is available on all plans except for the starter plan, and is valid for 60 days from the date of purchase. If a new billing cycle starts before the data has been used up, the download quota must be used ahead of the unused Boost data.

Customer Service

MyNetFone offers unlimited technical support and customer service from its Sydney call centre. Another bonus if MyNetFone's Value Guarantee. If MyNetFone changes any of its plans for the better, either by cutting the cost or adding more data, your plan will be automatically upgraded. This is a great service and one that other ISPs should implement.

Who would suit a MyNetFone plan?

Anyone who has no need for their landline should consider moving to Naked DSL and save money on their line rental. MyNetFone's Naked DSL plans are competitive and customer service is based on-shore in Sydney. Heavy downloaders and light internet users alike can find a cheap plan from MyNetFone, so this provider is suited to anyone looking for Naked DSL.

Call MyNetFone on 1300 768 081 or sign up online.