Even if Liberals win, the NBN is here to stay

If the Liberals win the next election, the Liberal government has vowed not to remove any of the existing National Broadband Network (NBN) infrastructure laid by the Labor government.

Shadow communication and broadband minister Malcolm Turnbull made the statement today at a business banking forum.

"You can be sure that we won't start ripping things up (if elected)", he said in his opening address at the forum.

Mr Turnbull believes that Labor’s decision to replace Australia’s existing copper networks with fibre is “simply reckless and irresponsible.” He argues that Labor should be doing a full cost-benefit analysis before they spend the $43 billion to implement the new fibre optic network.

"Its stubborn failure to do so can only lead us to conclude that it does not want to know what it fears it will reveal."

Mr Turnbull warned Australians that if we put an unreasonably high value on the network, it will either be fibre broadband customers or the government who will need to bear the cost of the loss.

"It will either have to charge higher prices from the customer, or for political reasons ... not be able to generate adequate returns and end up with a value below its $43 billion."

The NBN Co has already started work on many of the first release sites and has announced second release sites all over Australia.