Telstra blogger questions Australia’s need for terabyte plans

Heath Gibson, a Competitor Intelligence Specialist for Telstra, has criticised the terabyte fad amongst ISPs on Telstra’s blog yesterday.

While Heath admits that Telstra has no terabyte plan of its own, he calls consumers to question whether they will actually need a plan this large in the first place.

Mr Heath points us in the direction of the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) figure to prove his point: “A quick calculation using the latest ABS statistics (June 2010) shows fixed-line broadband users average under ten gigabytes a month. A one terabyte plan is therefore about a hundred times bigger than what a typical fixed-line user currently consumes."

Mr Heath claims the home phone and one terabyte broadband plans are more about “creating headlines” than providing what broadband users actually need.

Mr Heath’s argument echoes what Exetel chief executive, John Linton, already told Computerworld back in August: “There is no demand for a plan of that download magnitude and the price quoted would not cover the costs."

Last month Dodo released a 3Terabyte plan which costs 5 cents less than its unlimited plan, demonstrating that the war of the terabyte continues to be fierce amongst ISPs.

Compare terabyte and unlimited plans from iPrimus, Dodo, iiNet, Westnet, Netspace and TPG.