• TPG NBN SL Bundles
  • Optus NBN Internet Everyday Bundle
  • Dodo NBN 100 Unlimited Plan

Plugging a cable into a modem

Having your own modem is a good thing, as it means you won’t have to buy one from your ISP, but what if you don’t? 

While you can buy one from the ISP or buy one yourself from third-party retailers, it would mean extra costs to get your home WiFi connection activated. But, don’t worry. It should not be that big of a problem after reading this article.

To help you get an affordable internet connection with no data cap, we compiled some unlimited NBN plans bundled with a free modem.

Basic (nbn12) TPG SL Bundle

 At $60, you can get TPG’s SL bundle with 12 Mbps download speed and typical evening speed, and 1 Mbps upload speed. Since it’s an unlimited plan, there’s no data cap, and you can use the internet for as long as you want without worrying about getting slower speeds later in the month. It also includes a home phone for pay as you go calls.

With the free modem, you can get your home connected to the WiFi without extra cost. However, make sure to go easy on the internet when other people are connected, as it’s just a 12 Mbps plan.

Basic (nbn25) TPG SL Bundle

Another one from TPG. The NBN25 SL bundle comes with 25 Mbps max speed, 22 Mbps typical evening speed, and 5 Mbps upload speed. At just $64.99 a month, it’s just $4.99 more expensive than the NBN12 variant, which is almost two times slower in terms of bandwidth. So, if you’re looking for faster internet speeds, this plan is a better option. 

It includes a free modem, of course. Because of its higher speeds, the network is much easier to manage since there will be a lot more speed to go around for everyone connected to the network.

Optus 75 nbn™ Internet Everyday Bundle Plan

If you want a plan with a free modem, but you think 12 and 25 Mbps connections are too slow for you, then this Optus bundle should do the trick. 

With 50 Mbps speed, 45 Mbps typical evening speed, and 20 Mbps upload speed at $75 a month, this plan is powerful enough for most of your professional, gaming, media, and other internet needs. It should have more to spare for the other people in your house to use, too.

This bundle also comes with a pay as you go phone line and an Optus Sport subscription, as well as a free modem.

Dodo Standard Plus (nbn100) Unlimited Broadband Plan

The fastest plan in this list, the Dodo NBN 100 unlimited broadband bundle, boasts 100 Mbps max speed, 82 Mbps typical evening speed, and 20 Mbps upload speed. If you’re looking for a fast plan with no data cap and with a free modem, this one’s right for you. 

Other than the free modem, it also comes with a pay as you go line rental. If you want, you can also avail of Dodo’s offer to reduce the monthly fee to $75 if you bundle the plan with gas & electricity.


NBN Plan




TPG Basic NBN 12 SL Bundle

Unlimited data

- 12Mbps Typical Evening Speed

- WiFi modem

- Home phone


per month

TPG Basic NBN 25 SL Bundle

Unlimited data

- 22Mbps Typical Evening Speed

- WiFi modem

- Home phone


per month

Optus 75 nbn™ Internet Everyday Bundle 

Unlimited data

- 45Mbps Typical Evening Speed

- Ultra WiFi modem

- Optus Sport

- Home phone


per month

Dodo Standard Plus NBN 100 Unlimited Broadband

Unlimited data

- 82Mbps Typical Evening Speed

- NBN-ready modem

- Home phone

- Save $10 a month with an electricity and gas bundle (optional)


per month

*for the first 6 months, then $85 per month ongoing

A modem can cost around $100, and it’s not that easy to install if you bought one by yourself and you have no knowledge about making modems work. With these plans, you can avoid all of that trouble and save yourself some money. 

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