• Call us to find out about the current NBN plans
  • You will need an NBN compatible modem
  • You may need to schedule an appointment with NBN to get the equipment installed at your property

Once you have received notification by mail from NBN Co that the NBN has been installed in your area you can now get connected and start taking advantage of the benefits of the NBN. However with a new technology usually comes the need for some new equipment which will be an NBN compatible modem and having a technician appointment to get the equipment installed at your property.

NBN compatible modem

If you’re moving from a cable (HFC) connection to the NBN you’ll need a new modem. Some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) may offer an NBN compatible modem for free to help their customers upgrade to the network or they will offer an NBN compatible modem which you can purchase which is usually plug and play so there is no installation required. If you are currently making use of an ADSL2+ connection your modem may already be compatible with the NBN and you should check this with the manufacturer. If not again you will be able to purchase one from your provider.

Technician Appointment

After ensuring you have a compatible plan and modem, you’ll most likely need to book a connection appointment to have your property connected to the NBN.

For FTTP (Fibre To The Premise) connections your NBN technician will need to install an NBN utility box outside your property along with an NBN connection box inside your property. For Fixed Wireless NBN connections a technician will also need to install equipment both inside and outside your property.

If you’re a FTTN (Fibre To The Node) customer, then you’ll be booking an appointment to have your connection enabled at the node. FTTN customers shouldn’t need to be home for the appointment however FTTP and Fixed Wireless customers may require an adult to be at home for the duration of the appointment. Based on your type of connection and the availability of technicians in the area, your appointment could be anywhere from a day to a month after you request one however it tends to take, on average, about 5-10 business days with technicians working 8am-12pm and 1pm-5pm Monday through Friday.

After your appointment, you should be able to self-connect to the NBN almost right away. For FTTP and Fixed Wireless customers you’ll need to plug your NBN compatible modem into the UNI-D port of your NBN Connection Box now installed on your premise. For the more common FTTN user, you’ll need to simply plug your modem into your old home phone wall socket with an Ethernet cable. After you’ve finished these steps you should be connected to Australia’s new NBN and be able to access the internet.

With the NBN entirely altering the nature of internet within Australia, many ISPs are offering different plans on the NBN than what they offered previously. With all this change paired with the fact that you’re most likely going to be in contact with your ISP in order to set up your connection, now is the perfect time to compare other available NBN plans to your current one and ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.