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 NBN battery



Short for the National Broadband Network, NBN has provided us with a connection speed that is up to 100 times faster than a dialup connection. It allows you to download files in minutes, even seconds, instead of hours. 

With its high-capacity internet and faster speeds, it’s changing the way we access the web. NBN plans let you do the following and beyond: 

What is an NBN Battery? 

When you’re switching your home or business to an NBN network, you may have the option to install a Power Supply Unit with a battery back-up. While your internet service provider (ISP) isn’t required to offer as such, in some circumstances they can install a battery back-up for you. 

This provides emergency power to your NBN connection box for up to 5 hours in case of a power outage. Some even work for up to 11 hours. How do you choose the right battery back-up or know when it’s time for a replacement? In this article, we’ll discuss all the basics about an NBN battery back-up. 

How an NBN Battery Works 

In the event of a power outage, your unit will automatically switch to its backup battery power. Once its battery life reaches 50%, your unit will beep four times per minute and it will switch off to preserve power. 

You can switch the unit back on by pressing and holding the emergency use button until the power light flashes again. If the battery completely drains, you cannot use the back-up again until it has been recharged. 

The battery supplied during the initial NBN installation usually has a two-year warranty which starts from when the Power Supply Unit was set up in your premises. Should the battery require replacement within the warranty period, your ISP may add credits to your billing so you can purchase new batteries from your supplier. 

A battery back-up is crucial if you run a business that requires an internet connection during operations. This should allow you to keep operating without the risks of interruption or any damages associated with it—lost customers and revenue. Make sure to keep your Power Supply Unit plugged directly into an outlet to keep the battery fully charged in the event of a power outage. 

How Do You Know When It’s Time for a Battery Replacement? 

When it’s time to replace the battery, the ‘Replace Battery’ signal will light on. There will also be an alarm tone, which will beep every 15 minutes, indicating your battery needs replacing. As said above, the beeping sound will increase to four beeps per minute, which means there’s less than half of the battery charge remaining. 

How Do You Replace Your NBN Batteries?

The process of removing the NBN battery is simple. The battery consists of the red tab which you need to pull, and you can also see there are two tabs on each of the battery’s ends. Then, remove the black-coloured plug. 

Where to Buy Replacement NBN Batteries 

The battery used in the Power Supply Unit is standard. You can contact your ISP to ask whether they supply replacement batteries or whether you’ll need to purchase them yourself. 

You can purchase these batteries from various stores in Australia such as Battery Works, Battery World Australia, Marshall Batteries, R&J Batteries, and Supercheap Auto. Information about installing the replacement battery can be found in the guide provided by NBN during installation and in this online guide from NBN Co. Recharging the battery after replacement may take up to 24 hours. 


Like all batteries, the back-up NBN battery deteriorates over time. It can hold up to 70% of its charge for 3-5 years, but it deteriorates more quickly if the power is cut frequently. To maximise its battery life, avoid switching your main power on and off. This is the same reason you shouldn’t disconnect the Power Supply Unit for an extended period. 

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