• What To Know About NBN Bundles
  • Which Providers Offer Broadband Bundles?
  • What Do I Get In A Broadband Bundle?

When choosing the best NBN bundle, people are always on the lookout for quality outcomes. Fast and reliable Internet connection at the cheapest prices is what consumers want. With this industry and shopping experience known for technical jargon and more, there are procedural flowcharts like these that will help you navigate toward finding the best one.

The best NBN bundles are those that can help you select great plans for your households, considering the type of technology and the providers present in your location.

Considerations include those that have landed on top tiers of reviews, the speed tier that you must choose, the data required monthly, current offers and deals, payment options, and differences from other providers. Finally, the speed of the Broadband Internet.

Top 10 NBN Bundles

1. Telstra

NBN bundles from Telstra have very simple offerings and plans that can provide users with add-ons and optional entertainment, covering Foxtel Now, Foxtel, Kayo Sports, Telstra TV, and more. For instance, Telstra TV is now available at $9 more per month on one-year subscriptions, with streaming services that may be bundled with the plan for $25 more each month.

If you’re a fan of traditional Foxtel, add-ons start at $30 monthly for the drama and entertainment bundle or you can customise to replace drama genres with movies. There is $39 for sports and entertainment, $59 for entertainment, movies, and sports or customise this to entertainment, drama and sports. The rest of the channels will have this at $99.

2. Optus

Optus NBN bundles are among the best and the most in-demand in the industry. If you are looking for the best packages for your unlimited data, then opt to have this. The amount of the base plans that allow the pay-as-you-call feature is at $75. You can add $10 call pack for a total of $85, plus an upgrade to the $80 to get the Fetch TV feature.

The plans from Optus include a free subscription. With its Fetch TV, you can avail of the Mighty box, including options to add more channels and a premium channel bundle. The Standard Plus Evening Speeds is great enough, but you can even add Premium Speed Boost for an additional $20 monthly.

3. Vodafone

Another popular brand and provider is Vodafone. Their NBN bundles offer three levels of speed, and unli-data on NBN 25 for about $59 monthly, with no lock-in contracts. For customers who have the postpaid Vodafone mobile packages, they can avail of exclusive discounts and bonuses if they decide to bundle both the phone and the Internet plans.

Switching to current Vodafone mobile plans while keeping the existing phone numbers when changing your NBN enables you to add the Vodafone Mobile Landline for $5 monthly. This takes charge in diverting calls to the Vodafone number, with rates pre-determined by the call features in the package.

4. iiNet

Internet bundles from iiNet are also giving the “pay-as-you-go” option under standard VoIP household phone calling. Each of the local calls and national calls are at 15c and untimed while calls to Australian mobiles are at 29c for each minute.

The plans of iiNet may include local standard calls and those in the range of the national. There are also calling packs you may add to the plan for only $10 monthly.

5. TPG

NBN bundles from TPG have brought itself toward becoming a low-cost replacement to the more popular and bigger brands. Is TPG not popular enough? Well, the Internet services from this brand offers high-speed Internet, and are among the fastest in the industry. They may match the speeds brought by Telstra or Optus.

The NBN plans from TPG begin at $50 per month for the Basic tier, and more from their offerings. They also mitigate issues on congested Internet spaces.

6. Internode

When it comes to Internode NBN bundles, you can avail of unlimited data beginning at $69.99 per month. If you are looking at having a phone bundle with the plan, what you can do is to start a NodePhone package, which includes call credits in the following amounts, $5 for $10 in calls, $10 buying $20 credits, and the $20 worth of Internet package will have $40 of credit.

This NodePhone service is likewise offered at zero dollar payable per month, thanks to the pay-as-you-system with 18c and 29c respectively for national and local calls.

If you want to bundle the service alongside streaming platforms, the apparatus and the medium will be Fetch TV. The prices are $10 per month.

When you buy this, your package shall include a Fetch Mini setup box, 30 free movies every month, and the choice of adding more premium channel packs from $6 monthly

7. MyRepublic

On the other hand, the MyRepublic NBN bundles feature unlimited data, with availabilities on NBN 25, 50, and 100 tiers of speed. Prices start at %59 monthly, and which already includes PAYG calls.

If you are looking to add unlimited Australian landline and mobile calls to your packages, then you have to pay the add-on of $10 per month. There are also international call packs that can be available at $20 per month. It includes making the call to your relatives and friends, with 40 calls on your landline and mobile, spread across 30 countries in the globe.

8. Tangerine

These Tangerine NBN bundles are never to be intimidated with. You know that when it is about the simplest approach to NBN plans, the pricing is at $10 per month on various three-speed tiers during the first six months. These start at $64.90 monthly with unlimited data in place.

The unli-calls feature pack can be tied together on each of the plants for $10 more per month, including unlimited standard local calls and nationwide calls. This includes unli-calls to Australian mobiles.

9. Flip NBN Bundles

Considered as one of the cheapest NBN bundles and an award-winning product, Flip has bundles like the Home phone features that begin at $2.95 additional per month, which already provides access to PAYG call rates.

The $9.95 add-ons will take you to local and national calls with unlimited features, while the $19.95 home phone package will provide the standard Australian calls whether locally or nationally.

The three speed tiers of Flip are NBN 12, NBN 24, and NBN 50, with the entire collection of its plans offering unlimited data. Thus, you can enjoy longer houses of surfing with the NBN, phone and television bundle.

10. Start NBN bundles

Finally the Start NBN bundles are very generous in the industry today. As a social enterprise, Start seeks to offer internet services for the community, friends and family members who need to stay connected.

Unli-date begins at $75 per month, or within the NBN 25 speed tier, and this includes speed boosts at an additional $10 per month, depending on the tiers.

The home phone service is also available. You can prepare $20 per month, and get started with”Start Talk.” The standard to local calls, national numbers and mobile numbers are available. The pay-as-you-go system still works in their bundle. To enable it, you may need to pay 20C or 35c for each minute in the call.

Buying guide: What to look for in a bundle

Think of it as buying your next shampoo for hair care. You do not just pick up the product from the shelve, and keep these in your bags. As the NBN continues to roll out in Australia, the first ones to gain access were the privileged, and are quite happy about it.

The number of these resellers and the registered ISPs will offer you with several options. With various players in the market, choosing the right deal may never have been challenging or confusing.

The perfect option must be based on what you need. These are accounted in terms of broadband packages, and more without having to showcase your identity. The option must also be based on the needs, desired Internet speed, connection, quality of services, and more. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What bundles do I need for myself?
  • How speedy will the bundle I’ll choose for myself is?
  • What are the prices? 
  • Is there a customer support

One of the biggest mistakes of companies is the failure to strengthen its customer support team as audiences and customers may have concerns, questions, or simply, to clarify on matters.

Wrapping up

The NBN network in Australia has grown so much there are several Internet Service Providers that can cater to your needs. You do not need multiple of these at home or in the office, which is why you just need to select one.

How do you do so? First, you must be able to know your needs. Knowing these specific requirements and matching these with what the providers can offer will take your shopping further. Then, bring the balance between quality and pricing. Look for available bandwidth on a nationwide level, wholesale information details, and customer support from the provider.