NBN Plans

  • The National Broadband Network (NBN) is being rolled out across Australia
  • The NBN is replacing the old copper infrastructure
  • The NBN will provide a faster and more reliable internet connection to Australians

What is the NBN?

In 2009, the Australian Government established NBNco with the intent of upgrading Australia’s ageing internet infrastructure. Traditionally broadband services in Australia have been delivered via the copper line network, which even with continuous maintenance and replacement, is up to thirty years old in some areas. This can cause traffic congestion, dropouts, and in many areas prevents consumers from connecting to the internet at all.

The NBN, or National Broadband Network, operates with the goal of replacing this older network with future-proof fibre optic technology. Fibre optic cables have no practical speed limit- using light waves to transmit information as opposed to electrical switching. At the moment, the highest speed available on the NBN is more than 400% faster than the maximum theoretical speed on the older copper network, at 100Mbps. At this speed, you’d be able to download a full HD film in roughly 60 seconds, a massive advantage over ADSL2+.

How do I get connected?

Once the NBN becomes available in your area, switching over is simple. All you’ll need to do is select a provider that has a plan that suits your needs, and give them a call. Plans vary greatly in speed, data allowance and price, so choosing the right plan is important. One of the greatest benefits of the NBN is that home phone services are not a necessity- if you like, you’ll be able to do away with the land line entirely.

Which plan should I choose?

Consumers looking for value that don’t have huge data requirements should consider Telstra’s simplified NBN home phone and broadband bundles. These bundles are designed to replace the traditional home phone/ADSL services. Telstra NBN home broadband bundles start from just $73 per month for a home telephone and 50GB fast broadband at 12mbps, significantly faster than Australia’s current average internet speed of 4.7Mbps. 

Heavy internet users, businesses, and gamers can look forward to taking advantage of the extremely high speeds available on the NBN. Most providers offer up to five different speed tiers to choose from, with the best value for the highest speed tier coming from Optus. Optus is offering unlimited data at 100Mbps for $120 per month, perfect for data-intensive stress-free surfing and downloading. You can call Optus on 1300 753 870 to ask them about these plans.

If you’d like to check whether the NBN is available in your area, call us here at compare broadband on 1300 733 621.