• Who Are The Top 10 NBN Providers In Australia?
  • What Should I Consider When Looking For A New Broadband Plan?
  • Why Are Some Plans Not Available Where I Live?

In Australia, there is no shortage of internet service providers wherever you are located so it only makes sense that there are more than enough broadband options as well. For each of these suppliers, there is also a staggering number of plans that vary according to several factors.

The sheer number of these options can be overwhelming to customers, especially if you are availing of the service for the first time. To help make the decision process a little bit easier for you, we zeroed in on the highly-rated NBN providers in the country and the many plans they offer.

In this comparative list of the 10 best NBN suppliers in Australia, we highlight their main selling points and give you an overview of their most popular plans.

  • Belong
  • Aussie Broadband
  • TPG
  • Telstra
  • Vodafone
  • iiNet
  • Optus
  • iPrimus
  • MyRepublic
  • Tangerine

The 10 Best NBN Suppliers in Australia


Belong is actually a brand owned by Telstra but it operates as a separate entity. It offers both NBN and ADSL plans and is known for its simple, flexible, and affordable service. Think of it as availing of Telstra’s broadband plans at cheaper rates.

Belong offers unlimited data plans for a 12-month contract or a no-contract plan, an offer that’s hard to resist, especially if you want to get the most of your money without being tied down to your service provider. You don’t get charged until the month after your connection is set up, which is also another plus.

For the no-contract plan, Belong does not charge an upfront fee from subscribers. Instead, they invoice you for an additional $5 per month and a $60 fee for the Wi-Fi modem. It’s totally manageable compared to other NBN providers on the market and if you avail of a 12-month contract, you get the modem for free.

They also have plenty of options when it comes to speed such as Standard Plus (NBN 50), Premium (NBN 100), and Starter NBN (NBN 50 capped at 30Mbps speeds).

Popular NBN plans from Belong

Aussie Broadband

Aussie Broadband is among the new players in the market but it has already established a solid footing thanks to its reliable evening speeds. What customers love about the brand is that they don’t experience lagging or congestion even during peak hours.

Aussie Broadband is also known for its transparency to customers, regularly publishing traffic levels across all of its 121 NBN points of interconnect to prove how “congestion-free” the network is. It is the only major telco to do such a thing, proving that it’s truly a cut above the rest.

In terms of plans, Aussie Broadband offers fully customisable plans to subscribers. You can choose from an array of speed tiers, data cap, and additional bundles. The company also has NBN 250 and NBN 1000 speeds for those who have access to an FTTP connection.

Popular NBN plans from Aussie Broadband


TPG made a name for itself as a company that offers cheap ADSL plans and is now doing the same for its NBN service. But aside from its affordable deals, TPG is also consistently named by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) as one of the telcos with the fastest NBN speeds, especially during peak times.

If you’re interested in TPG’s service, you’d be glad to know that you can get set up for under $30. This includes 10GB of data, which is ideal for light internet users.

Popular NBN plans from TPG


As the country’s biggest and oldest telco, it’s not surprising for Telstra to be named one of the best in the industry. It’s known for having a reliable service, speedy connection, and a bundle of extras that you can get with your plan.

The company also made its plans contract-free from 2019, giving it a competitive edge over other NBN providers. This allows current customers to discontinue their plans whenever they wish without the need to pay for a disconnection fee. All you need is to pay whatever’s left in the value of your modem and you’re free to switch to another provider.

A downside to Telstra’s service, though, is that their plans are not the most affordable in the market. But if you don’t mind paying a premium for your internet connection, then it might be a good match for you.

Popular NBN plans from Telstra


The British telco is very straightforward in its approach to NBN plans. Customers are given three options to choose from, all available with unlimited data. This process makes everything so much easier for subscribers and is great for those who don’t like fussing around.

Plans go for as low as $75 for 6 months with Vodafone’s fastest NBN speeds. You can also avail of the mobile phone bundles offering up to 20% of savings per month or the Wi-Fi hub bundle that gives you a 4G backup.

Vodafone’s plans are essentially contract-free, but you may have to pay for the remaining value of your modem if you request disconnection within the first 36 months.


iiNet is one of the older internet providers in Australia and is known for having a wide range of broadband options on top of its NBN plans. The brand has consistently maintained its reputation for having exceptional customer service, great value, and reliable connection speeds.

You can get a fixed-line service from iiNet for as low as $59.99 a month with unlimited data. You also have the option to include a landline or mobile call pack for a minimal fee of $5 to 10 or a Fetch TV Mini set-top box bundle if you’re looking to get a 6-month contract.

Popular NBN plans from iiNet


Optus is the second largest telco in Australia known for being #1 in terms of NBN average download speeds. Aside from its basic broadband plans, Optus also offers entertainment bundles, which works great for those who have subscriptions to Optus Sport and Fetch TV.

Optus’ plans are a bit on the pricier side but if that’s not an issue for you, you also get to benefit from its reputation of having the fastest speeds during peak times, according to the ACCC.

Popular NBN plans from Optus


If flexible unlimited plans are your thing, iPrimus is another great option to keep in mind. Customers get to change their plans on a whim without any paying a fee. You can upgrade or downgrade your connection, increase your data cap, purchase extras, or avail of access to various streaming apps such as Netflix, Stan, and others.

For $90 a month, you can unlimited data with a Fetch TV entertainment package. iPrimus also offers a “Pause” feature that allows you to temporarily stop your internet connection if you’re going to be away on a holiday or you simply want to disconnect for a while.

Popular NBN plans from iPrimus


MyRepublic is the recommended NBN provider for those who do a lot of streaming, downloading, and online gaming. The brand is widely known for offering fast internet speeds and plans that are centred on gamers. A prime example is the “Gamer Pro Plan,” which specifically caters to avid gamers.

An NBN 50 plan from MyRepublic averages 43 Mbps of download speed while an NBN 100 plan averages 86 Mbps. But what makes it a better choice in the segment is that it has its own web traffic priority system that allows the telco to deliver smooth speeds for streaming and downloading.

Popular NBN plans from MyRepublic


Tangerine Telecom may not be as well-known as the other companies on this list, but its popularity is rapidly growing among customers.

What sets Tangerine apart from other NBN providers is that it does not dwell on offering a lot of extras to subscribers. Instead, it offers unlimited data plans at affordable rates, with some even going as low as $49.90 a month.

The company also does not tie you down with a contract and it does not charge setup fees, meaning it’s one of the more flexible options you can find on the market today.

Popular NBN plans from Tangerine

  • NBN Basic II Standard Speed Unlimited — Unlimited data with 21 Mbps typical evening speed for $49.90/month in the first 6 months and $59.90/month in the succeeding months
  • NBN Wireless XL Speed Boost Unlimited — Unlimited data with standard evening speed for $59.90/month in the first 6 months and $69.90/month in the succeeding months
  • NBN Standard XL Speed Boost Unlimited — Unlimited data with 42 Mbps typical evening speed for $59.90/month in the first 6 months and $69.90/month in the succeeding months

At the end of the day, finding the best NBN provider still depends on your personal preferences and a variety of other factors. This list merely gives you an idea of which company has the most competitive offers on the market.