• Do I Need NBN Battery Backup?
  • How Long Does The Battery Last After The Power Goes Out?
  • How Can I Replace The NBN Battery?

Broadband Internet has several uses, either for your households or for the business. It is way faster than the dial-up connection, and with the right network provider such as NBNTM, you will be able to get access to high-speed Internet.

There are several benefits of having a reliable connection of this kind, and these include having the Internet for the following purposes:

  • Browsing and relevant activities
  • Messaging and communication
  • Fast downloading of files
  • Downloading music, movies, e-books, etc.
  • Streaming videos, and more

Networks like NBN provide this alongside satellite Internet, and Fibre optics. In this post, you will learn more about the NBN battery.

NBN Battery Defined

When installing the NBN network, it will include a battery pack that will allow you to take a look and assess power outages. Yet, with every type of battery out there, these may run out of power.

Chances are, you will need to re-stack. If the Connection Box from NBN is powered by a battery backup unit for the supply of power, then it is important to note when the batteries need to be changed and/or replaced.

The battery you have during the initial NBN installation also provides you with a two-year warranty that begins from when the power unit was set up in your premises.

Should this battery need replacement within the warranty period for two years, the ISP can provide credits upon the upcoming billing, and then you will have to purchase new batteries from your suppliers.

Once the battery is out of warranty, then you must purchase and have the battery installed should you want to backup to keep on operating in your premises, even during a power outage. If you own a grocery business that requires the Internet in the remote office operations, this is crucial.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell if the battery should now be replaced?

You can tell these from signs that your battery needs replacing. This happens when you hear a beep from the NBN unit. The beep happens every 15 minutes, and indicates replacement. A number of four beeps indicates less than half of the battery power remains.

Where can I buy NBN network replacement batteries?

You can purchase these batteries from one of the following stores in Australia: Battery Works, Marshall Batteries, Battery World Australia, Supercheap Auto, and R&J Batteries.

How do I replace my NBN batteries?

The process is simple. The battery consists of the red tab which you need to pull, and you can also see there are two tabs on each of the battery’s ends. Then, remove the black-colored plug.

Recharging the battery right after you have successfully replaced these may take up to a full 24 hours. 


Batteries are part of many types of equipment. Your car cannot run without the batteries, and just like your network modem or router, these batteries will ensure your devices run during remote work, or when there is power outage in the premises.