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The NBN Sky Muster Satellite connection is one of the three main connection types offered by the NBNCo. along with Fixed Line and Fixed Wireless. This is usually offered in rural and remote areas which are out of the signal tower coverage.

With a Satellite connection, the signals are transmitted between an installed satellite dish generally on the rooftop of the premises and the NBNCo™ Satellite base station. Currently, these satellite connections are able to provide over 200,000 homes and businesses with reliable internet connections with download speeds of up to 25Mbps.3

To further understand how the NBN Sky Muster Satellite connection works, we’ve created this quick guide for you.

NBN Sky Muster™ Satellite in a Nutshell

NBN’s Sky Muster™ satellite service is mostly offered in remote and rural areas in Australia using two state-of-the-art satellites set up by the network. Some of the areas serviced by Sky Muster™ are mainland Australia, Tasmania, as well as Christmas Island, Norfolk Island, Cocos Islands, and Lord Howe Island.

Like the Fixed Wireless Connection, the Sky Muster™ also requires a satellite dish to be installed on the roof of the premises. But instead of a signal tower, data is transmitted from one satellite dish to another.

Aside from the satellite dish on your roof, you will also be supplied with an NBN modem. This needs to be installed at the point where your satellite dish cable enters the premises. Keep in mind that the device is operated by power, which means you may lose access to internet services when there’s a power outage.

If you live in any of the remote islands or rural areas in Australia, you will need to upgrade to NBN’s Sky Muster™ satellite connection once it’s rolled out in your location. Fortunately, there are plenty of NBN broadband plans and bundles offered by various service providers.

You can choose deals that suit your needs and budget or pick one with flexible contract terms. The list is virtually endless so you will surely find one tailored to your liking.

What does the Fair Use Policy mean?

With limited infrastructure and a growing number of subscribers with varying needs for connectivity, it is not surprising that internet speeds sometimes get affected. This usually happens during peak usage hours from around 7 to 11 in the evening.

To ensure that all subscribers get the most out of their connections, NBN put in place a Fair Use Policy for the Sky Muster™ satellite service. This agreement is between the network and the service providers.

As subscribers of satellite broadband plans, you will likely experience congestion during peak times when there is more traffic among consumers. This happens when your provider does not have enough network capacity. You may also encounter slower speeds and ‘buffering’ from time to time, which may affect your browsing activity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment will be needed for an NBN Sky Muster™ satellite connection?

On top of the satellite dish that must be installed outside, you will also be provided with an NBN modem, a power pack, and a wall outlet, all of which need to be installed within the premises. Your service provider will also supply a gateway router as well as an Ethernet cable so you can connect multiple devices.

Do I need to make an appointment with a technician for installation?

Yes. Similar to Fixed Wireless connections where the roof of your premises will be fitted with a satellite, you will also need the assistance of an NBN-approved installer to do the installation. You may recommend a spot for the equipment you need, although the technician will still need to assess if your choice of location is the most ideal.

How do I know if I can apply for an NBN Sky Muster™ satellite connection?

To find out if your area is serviceable with the Sky Muster™ satellite, key in your address in this NBN rollout map. You should be able to determine which type of NBN connections are available in your address, making it easier to choose which broadband plans to avail of.