• The term “best” anything is highly subjective, and most of the time opinions vary from person to person
  • Nothing is a one size fits all when it comes to NBN broadband needs and requirements
  • We’ll look at 6 of what we personally think are some of the best NBN providers

Now we know the term “best” anything is highly subjective and most of the time opinions vary from person to person, based on each individual’s different needs, desires and expectations. It is no different when it comes to the opinion of the best NBN plan providers as well, as nothing is one size fits all when it comes to broadband needs and requirements. In this article we’ll look at six of what we personally think are some of the best NBN plans and providers (in no particular order) that are at your service today, in order to help you make the most informed decisions when signing up to a new NBN provider.


TPG is one of the biggest ISPs today - and one that seems to offer one of the cheapest plans available in the market as well. Whilst you do get what you pay for, cheaper options are always good to have for those who can’t afford to splash out on internet or for those who want a broadband connection but rarely use the internet.

TPG’s standard plans all come with maximum download speeds of 12Mbps and the cheapest deal available comes with 10GB of data at $29.99 per month. The next upgrade would be 1000GB of data for $49.99 TPG offers up some great unlimited plans as well via their NBN Fibre Basic Liimitless, NBN Fibre Boost Liimitless and NBN Fixed Wireless Boost Liimitless connections and they all cost under $100 which is such a bonus!Boost and Superfast plans are also available for an extra upgrade, ensuring that no matter what you needs, TPG has you covered.


Belong NBN Plans

Belong is definitely one of the up and coming NBN providers today. Belong Broadband gives customers the choice of a month to month service for their NBN connections or monthly/12 month long contracts at a discounted rate.

Almost all of Belong’s broadband plans range between 100GB or unlimited data and all their plans cost under $100, which is a fantastic deal for those who really don’t want to be forking out hundreds of dollars for aN NBN connection. Tier 1 speeds costs $50 per month on a contract or $55 monthly. Unlimited data on Tier one will cost you $65 or $70, with upgrades to Tier 2/Tier 5 speeds at an additional $10/$30 respectively.


Optus NBN Plans

Optus - now who hasn’t heard of Optus? Having recently revamped their broadband options, Optus users are now treated to a much more streamlined approach that allows them to easily navigate their options and choose between the various NBN bundles that are on offer.

Optus starts off with a My Basics bundle, providing download speeds of 12Mbps. Optus is indeed on the pricier side, however. A My Basics bundle will cost you $80 a month, with upgrades to 25Mbps and 50Mbps at $10 and $20 respectively. Super internet freaks can even go to the extent of adding an additional budget of $30 to their My Basic bundle and for NBN speeds of up to 100Mbps. Whilst a littler on the dearer end, Optus does provide a very reliable, fast and consistent NBN broadband connection, ensuring your emails are never delayed and that you’re able to enjoy streaming your favourite movies online without interruption.



MATE Communicate NBN Plans

Mate Communicate is a NBN provider that offers unlimited data schemes that come at differing price points, so that regardless of your budget, you’ll find a plan that suits you and your family the best. $59 per month will get you unlimited data at 12Mbps, with speed increases to 25Mbps for $69, 50Mbps for $89 and 100Mbps for $99. Everything is under the $100 range, which is great for families who don’t want to bust out too much dough to keep the teenagers happy at home. 

Additionally, plans come with no lock-in contracts and there are no activation fees either - a big yay for those of us who don’t want to pay for additional incurred costs.


Telstra NBN Plans

Telstra provides users with a variety of NBN bundles to pick from, all based on varying data allowances/preferences/needs. Telstra’s 3 NBN bundled plans in their most basic forms all come with maximum download speeds of 25Mbps, with speed boosts available to speed things up even more.

Telstra bundles all start at $90 a month for 500GB of data on their Medium bundle (small bundles are no longer available), $120 for 1000GB and $140 for 1500GB which is essentially unlimited to 99% of us.

For an additional $20 per month, you can upgrade to a ‘Very Fast’ connection with 50Mbps download speeds, and similarly for an additional $30 you can upgrade to Superfast 100Mbps internet, which is the maximum speed available today.  Whilst also slightly on the pricier side, Telstra, like Optus, is very dependable and will provide you with consistent and fantastic NBN connections.



iPrimus NBN Plans 

iPrimus is another NBN provider that offers extremely affordable basic connections to those who don’t want to spend too much on broadband. iPrimus breaks up its plans into three simple categories based off Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 4 speeds. Respectively, these speeds are named Light, Home and Intense.

Light plans offer maximum download speed of 12Mbps at $44.90 per month, offering a modest 30GB of data that is inclusive of local and national calls and plans can be upgraded according to your needs.

iPrimus Home plans offers maximum download speeds of 25Mbps, and once again you can select a plan that brings offers 30GB, 300GB or unlimited data, according to your preferences.

When it comes to their Intense plan, this is the one for the internet addicts and all day music streamers, offering a maximum download speed of 100Mbps.


So, which is the best of the lot? That is entirely up to you! Based off your needs, requirements and preferences, the best NBN provider is very subjective. Which one of these providers do you personally think is the best for you? Don’t forget to let us know! 

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