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Why is my NBN connection slow

So you’re on the NBN Rollout map, you’ve purchased a decent NBN Plan and yet you are still pulling your hair out every evening because your connection is just so darn slow. Fret not, I feel you. In fact, this has even been a problem for me with my NBN connection at home, so I know where you are coming from. A crawling internet speed can truly be one of the biggest nightmares known to us in modern times. Waiting 10 minutes for a short YouTube video to load is painful and can honestly put you on edge. I mean, the last thing we want to come home to in the evenings is more stress, especially not in the form of snail’s pace internet. So, why IS your NBN connection so slow? Here are some of the key reasons as to why your connection may not be as fast as it should be, along with ways in which you can try to overcome these factors in a bid to solving your slow speed problems! 

Distance From Node

If you are connected to the NBN via  Fibre to the Node technology, the distance your home is from the actual node can really make a considerable difference in the speed/performance of your NBN service. In essence, the greater the distance from the node, the slower the maximum speed you will have. It is estimated that about 9 out of 10 homes will be within at least 700m of their nearest node. However, even at this close distance, signals that are sent through old copper wires can deteriorate quite a fair bit.

We wish there was an easy solution to this problem, but unfortunately, it is quite difficult to find out exactly which node your home is connected to. On top of that, it is hard to figure out the distance the node is from your front door, making it difficult to estimate the connection you should truly be expecting along with the speed tier that would suit your needs the best. In such situations, it would be advisable to contact the NBN for further assistance.

Everyone’s Watching Netflix At The Same Time

If everyone in your apartment complex is streaming music and movies at the same time, your NBN connection may be suffering from congestion. ISP’s purchase access to NBN in bulk. They assess the number of connections available in a certain area and then predict how much bandwidth they need. Bandwidth is of course, capacity, and the more bandwidth they purchase, the more cash they will have to fork out. With too many users watching their favourite flicks all at the same time, you are bound to experience a slower connection. Some ideas to get around this are to perhaps watch your shows online at a different time, such as late at night when most people are asleep or early in the afternoon when most people are at work. 

Connection Issues

It is no easy feat to get everyone in the nation connected to the NBN - I mean, Australia is huge. With such a huge task at their hands, there are bound to be errors that happen or occur. Sometimes, a faulty connection is one of these errors. Although a faulty connection is generally unacceptable, a little patience and understanding will go a great distance when it comes to working towards the goal of a nation-wide NBN service that pleases everyone. In the meantime, instead of slamming your modem against the wall or setting your computer on fire, there are some things that you can try before throwing in the towel and giving up - who knows, they just may solve your internet woes. 

-Try A Direct Connection

Use that ethernet cable, guys. When testing your NBN speed, always connect your computer to the modem directly using an ethernet cable instead of testing it on a wifi network. There are multiple reasons as to why WiFi connection could be lousy, so plugging in directly is the only accurate way of getting a clear reading on what your connection actually looks like. If your Speedtest reading sucks after connecting directly, it’s time to contact your ISP. It is also advisable to test the connection at various times in the day to see if congestion may be the reason for your snail speed internet. 

-Your Modem Or Router May Just Suck

Let’s face it, your modem could just be a general piece of trash. It is not uncommon for people to experience a much more pleasant internet connection when purchasing a new modem. In many instances, this can make all the difference in connecting the devices in your homes with a solid NBN connection and this is especially true with WiFi. If you have run a test via your ethernet cable as suggested above but are still struggling with devices connected over a WiFi connection, this could be a key sign that your modem just is not up to scratch. It just may be time to invest in a better modem to rid yourself of your constant internet induced headaches! 

-Switch Providers

Last but not least, if all the above is fine and dandy, it just may be time to switch ISPs. Could your current and highly affordable ISP be penny pinching? It may be time to upgrade to a plan that costs a little more but gives you so much more in returns. It is advisable to begin with a no-contract plan as this allows you the freedom to move if you are still not satisfied with the service provided. Sometimes it takes a few tries to find a company that really suits your needs the best. Don’t give up! 


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