• The National Broadband Network (NBN) is an Australian national wholesale open-access data network project
  • There are 4 million end-user premises connected with the NBN, but many report difficulties with its speed.
  • When switching to a new NBN plan, it's advised that you choose a retail speed that suits your specific needs.

Why is my NBN slow?

The National Broadband Network (or NBN to those who are chummy with it) is Australia's internet infrastructure upgrade. There are now currently 4 million end-user premises connected with it. 

But even though the NBN Co prides itself on being faster and more reliable, customers who are new to it may find themselves a bit perplexed when it comes to the speeds of the NBN. It's a bit of a misconception that the NBN can promise the one consistently fast speed; like any other internet service provider, how quickly the data travels between your internet and your devices may depend on any number of different variables. Some may be as simple as... 


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Not unlike a traffic jam or a crowded movie screening, if you happen to be doing your internetting at the same time that a lot of other people are doing their internetting, it's more than likely that you're all going to run afoul of a bit of congestion. Typically speaking, the evening (after most people are home from work) is the most common high-traffic period when speeds will slow down. 


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The congestion speeds caused by other nearby net users is not limited to people outside your immediate residence; the amount of people in your home who are actively jumping online at the same time may cause some mutual delays. To get around this, you could try a household internet schedule, or consider upgrading to a high performance modem, or, if there are a lot of people in your house (particularly young people) consider getting an unlimited plan. 


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Ultimately, your speed is going to depend on your provider, your plan, what speed tier you've gone with, and very possibly, your location. As the NBN Co say on their website... 

 "NBN offers a choice of wholesale speed tiers to your phone and internet provider. These are then turned into a range of nbn™ powered plans that can be purchased through your provider. Please note, not all fast speed tiers are available everywhere."

Finding the right plan, provider and tier that best accomodates you needs and location can sometimes be daunting, but there are easy ways to avoid the headache.  


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Perhaps you're downloading an entrire TV series all at once, or perhaps you're simply uploading a multitude of logs that document your long and tortured history of locating that elusive sasquatch. If you're finding that your speeds are slowing during such attempts, it's worth remembering that the size and nature of the content that you're downloading and/or uploading can affect your NBN speeds. So maybe just download a few episodes at a time (or indeed, upload a few embittered bigfoot vlogs at a time). 

But besides uploads and downloads, thinking more broadly, you really need to address... 


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On top of your online content of choice, and the number of internet users in your house, you really need to factor in your household's specific internet habits. If you really do need faster internet speed, it's probably worth paying a little bit extra to get a speed boost up to around 50mbps or 100mbps connection depending on your specifics. So don't be shy - tell us what those specifics are! Follow the link and punch in all the relevant information so that we can tell you what the best NBN deal for you is! You can also follow us on Facebook.

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