Larger downloads on Netspace ADSL2+ and Naked DSL plans

Netspace has recently given all of their broadband plans a makeover, and has managed to pack in more data into each plan. Netspace has also joined iPrimus, iiNet and Westnet in introducing a new one terabyte plan for customers on ADSL1 and ADSL2+.

Customers who bundle their Netspace ADSL2+ plan will receive a larger download as well as $10 off their broadband cost each month. All of the Netspace broadband plans are available on a six, 12, 24-month or no fixed-term contract. The longer your contract, the more you will save on the cost of your setup and/or modem.

ADSL2+ standalone plans

Customers who wish to keep their home phone plan with another provider will still receive a large amount of download on an ADSL2+broadband plan.

ADSL2+ Home-1 $39.95 10GB+10GB
ADSL2+ Home-2 $59.95 50GB+50GB
ADSL2+ Home-3 $79.95 100GB+100GB
ADSL2+ Home-4 $99.95 200GB+200GB

ADSL2+ broadband plans – bundled with phone

ADSL2+ Home-1 $29.95 10GB+10GB
ADSL2+ Home-2 $49.95 100GB+100GB
ADSL2+ Home-3 $69.95 200GB+200GB
ADSL2+ Home-4 $99.95 500GB+500GB

Naked DSL plans

ADSL2+ Home-1 $59.95 50GB+50GB
ADSL2+ Home-2 $89.95 200GB+200GB
ADSL2+ Home-3 $119.95 300GB+300GB