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Established in 1992 with a head office in Melbourne, Netspace pride themselves on their reliability and customer service to over 60,000 subscribers. Netspace is also one of the few Internet Service Providers in operation in Tasmania. They offer ADSL technology but have no cable broadband. Netspace offer free online and phone support which is essential if you are a novice or inexperienced user. Download speeds range from 256kbps to 8000kbps on ADSL1 and up to 20,000kbps on ADSL2+. The speed will heavily depend on price and availability. Netspace has also recently announced the introduction of Naked DSL services, providing a broadband service at ADSL2+ speeds without a monthly home line rental. Set up fees apply on most contracts but will be waived if a 24 month contract is entered into. Excess download fees do apply and need to be considered when choosing a download limit.

Time to activate:
10 – 14 days downtime without rapid transfer
ADSL1 Rapid Transfer 3 to 5 Business days with 2 to 6 hours downtime
ADSL2+ Fast Churn 10 to 14 Business Days 0 to 10 minutes downtime

On Peak Times:
Varies, low download plans are anytime, Higher plans 7am-midnight

Cost of Initial Setup:
Rapid Transfer Setups
Modem         24 Months     12 Months     6 Months     0 Months
BYO Modem      $0                   $0              $0             $39
Standard          $0                  $29             $69            $99
Wireless           $99                $119           $159          $199
All-in-One with VoIP $149         $169           $209         $249

Contract Lengths: 
24 Month, 12 Month, 6 Month or none.

Hardware Offered: 
Prices dependant on contract length
Standard ADSL Modem (ADSL2 Compatible) single Ethernet Port
Wireless ADSL Modem (ADSL2 Compatible) 4 Port Ethernet and 11g wireless modem
All in one ADSL Modem with VoIP (ADSL2 Compatible) Wireless 4 port with VoIP

More Detail - Netspace

Services Offered:
Naked DSL
Bundled Home Phone and Internet
Cost of Initial Setup:
New connections:
BYO Modem: 24 months:  Free, 12 months - $59, 6 months - $99, No contract- $149
Standard Modem: 24 Months - $49, 12 Months - $109, 6 Months $149, No contract $199
Wireless Modem: 24 Months $149, 12 Months $209, 6 Months $249, No contract $299
All-in-one-Voip Modem: 24 Months $199, 12 Months $259, 6 Months $299, No contract $349
No. Of Emails/Webspaces:  10 Free emails, Free email virus and spam filtering. 100MB webspace.
Cancellation Cost: Downgrades to a lower l line speed on ADSL1 $19, higher or equal - $0
All ADSL2 down or up grades are free.
Upgrade ADSL1 – ADSL2 $0 with 18moth contract extension, $99 with no contract extension
Current offer is $0 on 6 month contract for upgrades.
Early Cancellation costs 50% of remaining monthly fees plus $65 one off charge.
Relocation Costs: $99 if service has been active for 6 months
$149 if service has been connected for less than 6 months.
Out of contract relocation varies depending on the term of contract agreed to sign up on from $29 - $129
Downloads: Only downloads use quota

Frequently asked questions about Netspace broadband services:
What services do Netspace offer?
Netspace offers broadband ADSL1 and ADSL2+ services. They have also recently released Naked DSL plans for users who do not want a home phone line.

How long will it take to connect a broadband ADSL1 or ADSL2+ service with Netspace?
Connections to ADSL1 or ADSL2+ with Netspace take between 10 and 14 days.
For a rapid transfer from an eligible active ADSL1 provider, connection should take 3 to 5 working days, with a downtime of 2 – 6 hours.
For and ADSL2+ rapid transfer service from an eligible provider connection will take between 10 and 14 days with a down-time of only 10 minutes

Does Netspace offer home phone services?
Yes. Netspace offer discounts on broadband services when bundled with home line rental. You can generally save around $10 a month on your broadband service when bundled with a Netspace home phone plan.
Netspace offer three different home phone plans; Lite, Everyday and Call Bundle. The Lite plan cost $29.95 a month with 25c local calls, 25c/minute national (capped at $2.98 for up to 2 hours,) and 39 c/min to mobiles (capped at $2.98 for up to 10 mintues.)
The Everyday home phone plan costs $34.95 a month with 17c local calls, 15c/min national calls (capped at $1.98 for up to 2 hours) and 33c/min mobile calls (capped at $2.50 for up to 10 mintues.)
The Netspace Call Bundle offers $110 of call credits for $45 a month and includes 20c local calls, 20c/min national calls (capped at $2.50 for up to 2 hours) and 35c/min mobile calls (capped at $2.50 for up to 10 minutes.)

What are the on-peak and off-peak times with Netspace broadband plans?
Netspace offer some low-download plans without on or off peak times.
For most ADSL1 or ADSL2+  plans with download limits over 20 GB on peak times are 7am until midnight with off peak hours midnight until 7am. For plans with download limits over 100GB on peak times are 10 am until 3am with off peak times 3am until 10am daily.
How many email addresses can I have with Netspace?
Netspace offers up to 10 free email addresses as well as free email virus and spam filtering

Does Netspace offer web –space with its broadband internet plans?
Yes, Netspace offers 100MB of web-space to broadband customers.
How much will it cost to setup a Netspace ADSL1 or ADSL2+ broadband service?
Setup costs vary with Netspace depending on the length of contract and the type of modem you buy. For rapid transfers from eligible broadband providers the setup costs are less.
Setup costs for rapids transfer customers:
Modem         24 Months     12 Months     6 Months     0 Months
BYO Modem      $0                   $0              $0             $39
Standard          $0                  $29             $69            $99
Wireless           $99                $119           $159          $199
All-in-One with VoIP $149         $169           $209         $249

Setup costs for new connections:
New connections:
BYO Modem: 24 months-  Free, 12 months - $59, 6 months - $99, No contract- $149
Standard Modem: 24 Months - $49, 12 Months - $109, 6 Months $149, No contract $199
Wireless Modem: 24 Months $149, 12 Months $209, 6 Months $249, No contract $299
All-in-one-VoIP Modem: 24 Months $199, 12 Months $259, 6 Months $299, No contract $349

What will it cost if I cancel my Netspace broadband while still in contract?
If you cancel your Netspace ADSL1, ADSL2+ or Naked DSL plan with Netspace while still under contract you are required to pay 50% of the remaining monthly cost of the contract term as well as a one-off payment of $65.

Am I free to upgrade or downgrade my Netspace broadband plan?
If you decide to move to a higher ADSL1 plan with Netspace there is no cost, but there is a $19 fee for moving to a lower speed or download plan.
You are free to move up or down between plans on an ADSL2+ service.
If you decide to upgrade from ADSL1 to ADSL2+ while still in contract with Netspace there is no charge if you agree to start a new 18 month contract. You can also upgrade form ADSL1 to ADSL2+ without extending your current contract for $99.

Will I have to pay a relocation fee if I move house during my Netspace contract period?
Relocating your Netspace service to a new address will cost $149 if the relocation is within 6 months of the contract start date.
If you are relocating after 6 months from the start of the contract it will cost $99.
If you are out of contract with Netspace and wish to relocate your service costs vary depending on the broadband service, between $29 and $129.

What is the Netspace VoIP plan?
The Netspace VoIP plan has no joining costs and allows home broadband subscribers to make cheap local, national mobile and international calls. You will need a VoIP enabled router. Netspace recommends the Netgear DG834Gv VoIP ADSL2+ and wireless 4-port router for its VOIP service and will not offer technical support to other hardware.
Netspace offers an optional VoIP service to all home customers on a 512kbps plan or above. There is no joining fee or minimum monthly spend. View your call records and costs online anytime by logging in to your Netspace account.
Call cost on the Netspace VoIP service are 15c local and national calls up to 30 minutes, 29c/min mobile calls and 4.9c/min for up to 40 international destinations.

What are the contract lengths of Netspace ADSL1 and ADSL2+ broadband plans?
Netspace offers a range of contract options including 0, 6, 12 or 24 month contracts. The longer the contract period the less you pay for setup and modem costs.
What Modem will I need on a Netspace broadband connection?
Netspace provides and offers technical support a range of modems, depending on your individual computing needs. Prices vary dependant on the length and type of contract subscribed to.
The Standard Netgear DM111P ADSL2+ compatible Modem with a single ethernet port is ideal for people using only one computer to connect to the internet. 
The Netgear DG834G Wireless-G ADSL Router with 4 ethernet ports offers a wireless and ethernet connection for multiple computers. It is also ADSL2+ compatible.
The Netgear DG834GV all in one ADSL Modem with VoIP offer 4 ethernet connections as well as wireless connectability. This modem also supports VoIP calling and is ADSL2+ compatible.