New Optus mobile wireless broadband plans with no excess data fees

Many mobile broadband providers will charge high fees if you exceed your monthly data allowance. Optus has joined both iPrimus and Virgin in restructuring their mobile broadband plans so that you’ll no longer have to worry about any extra data fees. Once you exceed your data allowance, then you will no longer be able to access the internet apart from selected sites within the 'Optus Walled Garden.' These websites include Facebook, Optus Webmail and Optus myZoo.

Optus has also reshaped the post-paid plans to offer customers double the amount of data during off peak hours. This is useful for customers who like to stay up late and surf the net or for those who time their heavier downloads to run during off peak hours. Peak time runs from 7am-midnight, and off peak from midnight till 7am.

The precise amount of data a customer will receive each month is dependent on when you do your downloading. Peak hour downloads are charged at a rate of $0.08/MB, and off peak downloads are charged at $0.04/MB. The 'up to data allowance' seen below is the maximum download a customer can receive if they do all their downloading during off peak hours. This means that half of this amount is the maximum download a customer will receive if they do all their downloading during peak hours.

Customers have a choice between two USB modems: the E610e, providing a maximum theoretical speed of up to 3.6Mbps, and the E1762, which offers speeds up to 7.2Mbps. The former is available for $79 upfront or free for customers on a 24-month $30 cap or higher ($3.30 per month on the $20 cap). Customers can purchase the E1762 for $129 upfront or $5.38 on the $20 cap; the E1762 is $99 upfront or $4.13 per month on the $30-$50 caps, or customers will receive the device free on plans $80 or higher.

If you sign up to one of the 24-month contract mobile broadband plans online before 31/01/2011, you will receive 1 month free access.

Optus use their own 3G dual-band mobile network, which reaches more than 96% of Australian’s population.

Optus Mobile Broadband Plans Compared:

                                  $20 Cap      $30 Cap   $50 Cap    $80 Cap    $100 Cap
Up to Included Value     $80            $240        $560         $720         $800
Peak Rate                    $0.08/MB
Off Peak Rate               $0.04/MB
Up to Data Allowance      2GB          6GB          14GB         18GB         20GB