Optus Broadband Internet Service Provider Details

Optus offers highspeed broadband services via satellite, cable, ADSL or wireless technology. You can bundle your broadband with an Optus home phone, or choose to get Naked cable instead.

While most other providers use Telstra's lines to provide a service, Optus use their own infrastructure to connect broadband or a home phone to your address.

When it comes to exceeding download limits, Optus prefers to limit speeds rather than charging excess download fees. This differs for mobile wireless broadband, where excess download fees apply once the monthly quota is reached. Optus count both uploads and downloads in monthly download quotas.

You will need a professional installation for cable broadband, and a technician will come to your home and provide you with a demo.

Time to activate:
ADSL2+ takes 10 working days, cable takes seven working days

On Peak times:
12pm-12am (ADSL + Naked broadband)
7am-11.59pm (mobile broadband)

Cost of Initial Setup: 
Naked DSL: $249
Month-to-month ADSL: $149
Optus 'yes' Fusion plans (broadband and home phone bundle): $0

Contract Lengths: 
Naked DSL: 24 months
ADSL: 0 month
'yes' Fusion plans: 24 months

Hardware Supplied: 
Optus offers a standard modem or a Wi-Fi modem. Modem is offered free on 24-month contracts.

More Detail – Optus

Services Offered:
Naked DSL
Wireless Broadband
Satellite Broadband

No. Of emails/webspace: Optus offers up to five email addresses at no additional cost.
Cancellation Cost: A $300 pro-rata cancellation fee applies if you cancel your broadband service within the contract term. Additional cancellation fees apply to cancel your telephony or mobile service within the contract term.

Mobile BB: You will be required to pay the remaining amount on your phone, if any, plus applicable “Termination Fees”.

The Termination Fee is calculated as follows: for months 1-12 of a 24 month term, 100% of the Initial Termination Fee, for months 13-15, 80% of the Initial Termination Fee, for months 16-18, 60% of the Initial Termination Fee, for months 19-21, 40% of the Initial Termination Fee, for months 22-24, 20% of the Initial Termination Fee.

For months 1-6 of a 12 month term, 100% of the Initial Termination Fee for months 7-9 70% of the Initial Termination Fee, for months 10-12 40% of the Initial Termination Fee.

Frequently asked questions about Optus broadband services:

How long will it take to connect a broadband service with Optus?
Optus ADSL services generally take up to 10 working days to connect. Cable broadband services generally take up to seven days to connect.

Mobile wireless broadband customers can connect once they have purchased compatible hardware and completed the sign-up process.

Does Optus offer home phone services?
Yes. Optus home phone subscribers are eligible for discounted broadband plans. Optus phone plans range from $29.95 to $49.95 a month and vary in call costs and included credits.

How many email addresses can I have with Optus?

Optus broadband subscribers are offered up to five email addresses.

Does Optus offer webspace with its broadband internet plans?
Yes. Optus provides all broadband subscribers with 10MB of webspace.

What will it cost if I cancel my Optus broadband while still in contract?
If you cancel an Optus broadband subscription while still in contract you will be required to pay out the remaining monthly cost of the contract term, not exceeding $300.

Am I free to upgrade or downgrade my Optus broadband plan?
You are free to move between Optus broadband plans as your needs change.

Will I have to pay a relocation fee if I move house during my Optus contract period?
If you move house and need to relocate your Optus broadband service there is a $49 relocation fee. The relocation will also start a new 24 month contract.

Does Optus offer VoIP?
Optus does not offer VoIP at this stage.

What Modem will I need on an Optus broadband connection?

On an Optus ADSL broadband plan Optus can provide one of the following modems depending on your needs:

Sagem Fast 1201
Siemens SpeedStream 4200
Netgear DG834GSP wireless
D-Link DSL 302G
You can also bring your own modem to an Optus broadband service.

Mobile broadband customers can bring their own unlocked USB modem, or can purchase a standard USB or WiFi modem from Optus. Modems are free on 24-month plans.

ADSL modems preferred by Optus are:

Alcatel SpeedTouch Home
Alcatel SpeedTouch Pro
Alcatel SpeedTouch 530
D-Link ADSL Modem - DSL 200
D-Link ADSL Modem - DSL 300
D-Link ADSL Modem - DSL 300+
D-Link ADSL Modem - DSL 302G
D-Link ADSL Modem - DSL 500
D-Link ADSL Modem - DSL 504
NetComm ADSL Router Modem - NB1300
Siemens SpeedStream 4200
Motorola SB3100, SB4100, SB 4101, SB 4200, SB 5100, SB 5101
Netgear CG814WG, CVG824G
Cisco EMTA 2203c