Optus First to Use Old Analogue TV Spectrum for 4G Wireless Broadband

  • Optus first telco in Australia to get license for 4G LTE on analogue TV transmission
  • Best type of mobile wireless broadband with much faster speeds
  • 4G LTE services to be launched in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and regional NSW

Optus has announced it is the first telecommunications provider in Australia to have been offered a license to use new 4G LTE mobile wireless technologies on the 700MHz bandwidth previously used to transmit analogue TV. Optus says by April 2012 it will have 4G LTE services up and running in a number of Australian locations.

4G, or LTE (Long Term Evolution) is currently the best type of mobile wireless broadband you can get, and soon Australians will be able to access faster internet speeds needed for multimedia on their smartphones or computing devices. LTE is much faster than current 3G technologies, it can pass through a building’s walls better, and it travels further distances, so people in regional and rural areas will have much improved connections.

In April 2012 Optus (1300 768 194) will launch its first 4G LTE services in Newcastle, Port Stephens, Lake Macquarie and in the Hunter Valley region in NSW. By mid-2012 Optus LTE services will also be rolled out in major cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Once this phase is complete, Optus will choose other capital cities and regional centres it feels are in need of the improved service. A trial will be held soon in Bendigo, Victoria, which will be the first time the old analogue TV wavelength has been accessed since the inception of digital TV.

The launch of Optus’s LTE network will coincide with a new range of 4G mobile broadband devices and smartphones. Optus Chief Executive, Mr Paul O’Sullivan, comments: “Optus has invested nearly $2 billion in the past four years and we will spend over $500 million in this financial year alone on our mobile network. This investment will ensure our mobile sites and fibre transmission network can deliver a real choice in 4G services for Australian consumers and businesses.”

Optus is working together with Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei to deliver the first 700MHz 4G broadband connections in Australia. Mr O’Sullivan continues, “As Australians increasingly access digital services over mobile … we need to ensure we use the best spectrum available to deliver 4G LTE technology. Optus believes that 700MHz will be vital for delivering 4G LTE, especially in regional Australia, because of its ability to deliver LTE over longer distances.”

If you want to access your email, search the web, have videochats, or watch multimedia like YouTube videos and ABC iView (streaming online TV), LTE 4G Mobile Wireless Broadband will be the best way to connect your smartphone, tablet, or laptop while on the move. If fixed line ADSL or ADSL2+ broadband isn’t available in your location, for the first time ever we may be able to say Australians in rural and regional areas can have a fast broadband connection at home.