Optus Fusion Terms & Conditions

$109, $129, $149 Optus Homephone and Broadband plan NOW WITH Optus MeTV T&Cs:
Terms & Conditions. Minimum total cost over 24 months with payment by direct debit, $19.95 modem
delivery fee, $79 connection fee, $35 Optus MeTV set up fee and $15.50 Optus MeTV delivery fee is
$2765.45 for $109 Fusion, $3245.45 for $129 Fusion and $3674.45 for $149 Fusion. Cancellation fees
apply. A $2.20 per month fee applies if your account is not paid by direct debit. †Includes uploads and
downloads. *Exclusions: Excludes premium calls, 19XX calls, calls to satellite phones, calls made over
another carrier’s network, international calls, calls to national fixed or mobile services that then
divert/switch or reroute overseas, Director Assistance and Operator service calls plus other services
such as Unlisted Number service. Broadband usage: If you exceed your data allowance the service
will be speed limited to 256kbps until the end of your billing month. Included home Wi-Fi modem
available for new Optus Broadband customers only. If you move to a plan lower than $109 Fusion or
cancel within 3 months of commencing your agreement, a $140 hardware fee applies. Downgrade fee:
A $50 plan downgrade fee applies if you change to a lower ‘yes’ Fusion plan at any time during your
agreement period. A $55 fee applies if you require a new phone number. Coverage: For technical and
commercial reasons Optus services are not available to all homes, in all areas, or in NT and TAS.
Optus Cable Broadband is available to selected homes in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Service is
not to be used for commercial purposes. Optus MeTV: An Optus Post Paid Mobile account, Optus DSL
Account, Optus Cable Broadband Account, or Optus Fusion Account, active fixed broadband internet
connection with a download speed of at least 3Mbps, wide screen television and access to free to air
digital television services required. Data usage generated by the purchase and/or download of content
will be charged and credited back to you and your broadband service may be throttled if you are very
close to your data limit for your Optus DSL Account. Charges may apply to data usage generated by
downloads and uploads associated with meta-data, User Interface components, images and graphics,
YouTube on TV, Applications, EPG information and software updates. YouTube is a trademark of
Google Inc. Facebook and the Facebook logo are registered trademarks of Facebook Inc.
Optus Acceptable Use Policy applies. You may only use the recording functionality of the service for
viewing programmes at your nominated address at a more convenient time. For the most up to date
information visit www.optus.com.au/metv. ‘yes’ Fusion + Optus MeTV: Offer available to residential
Optus customers signing up to an Optus ‘yes’ Fusion $109, $129 or $149 plan and Optus MeTV
between 1 November 2011 and 31 March 2012 for a minimum term of 24 months on the Optus ADSL2
or Optus Cable networks. Existing customers must be on or move to an eligible Fusion plan and
recontract their home phone and broadband services for 24 months. Limit of one Optus ‘yes’ Fusion
offer per customer account. You will be charged the $9.95 Optus MeTV monthly access fee from your
first bill and will receive a corresponding monthly credit of $9.95 from your first or second bill. Optus
Vision Pty Limited ABN 50 066 518 821.