• Optus and Telstra options for IPTV
  • TV over Internet
  • Many Foxtel channels available

Optus has taken a while to catch up with rival Telstra in offering a TV service over the internet but now MeTV is here, how does it compare with the T-Box?

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MeTV is free on the $109 Fusion plan, or from $9.95 a month on other plans. Telstra's T-Box is $299 outright or $35 upfront plus $11 a month on a 24-month contract, and is available on any BigPond plan.


Optus is partnering with Fetch to offer MeTV, a TV service over the internet. It might seem unnecessary to access free-to-air channels over an internet connection when you already have a perfectly good TV aerial but MeTV offers a little more to the ordinary TV experience.

The set-top box you use to access your TV channels also doubles as a personal video recorder (PVR), which means you can pause, rewind and record live TV. A 'series tag' feature is handily include, which means you can record whole series with one command.

TV subscription packs are available for an additional charge, such as Kids, Music and Documentaries.

New release movies can be rented on demand, and 30 movies a month are available for free, to watch anytime.

MeTV is free on the $109 Fusion plan, which includes line rental, 500GB broadband and unlimited national calls to fixed lines and Australian mobiles.

Optus is also offering MeTV to customers of other Internet Service Providers (ISPs), who also have an Optus post paid mobile plan.

Call Optus on 1300 137 897 to find out if Fusion plans are available in your area.


The T-Box is also a PVR, which can be used to record TV and access internet TV services. Telstra has a BigPond Movies service, which allows T-Box users to download a new-release movie to rent.

Customers have 48 hours to watch their film and after that, the movie will no longer be available to view. This service is also available to customers of other Internet Service Providers (ISPs) who do not have a T-Box but do have an internet-connected Smart TV from Samsung or LG.

Foxtel channels are also available through the T-Box on a month-to-month subscription, which is a great way of accessing pay TV without signing up to a long contract or getting cable installed.


MeTV is looking pretty good, especially if you require a large broadband and home phone plan. Anyone who makes several national calls a week would probably be better off on a Fusion plan, as this type of call can end up being quite expensive on most plans. Getting a free PVR plus 30 free movies a month, and the option to rent new release movies without ever leaving the sofa is a really nice bonus.

Both Optus and Telstra offer unmetered content through the T-Box and MeTV. However, apart from free-to-air digital channels there is not a lot of free content available on the T-Box, with Foxtel and the movies on demand service costing extra.

With the extra content and cheap price, Optus' offer looks more tempting, on balance. Optus and Telstra are not alone in delivering TV shows and movies over the internet, and you can check out what's on offer from other ISPs here.