Optus plans fixed-line broadband expansion

  • Optus to offer Fusion in more places
  • Optus leading the way in Mobile
  • MeTV and other services available

Tempted by a Fusion plan but frustrated by a lack of Optus services in your area? You may be able to apply again soon, as an Optus executive has indicated the telco wants to reach more customers across Australia.

In an interview with the Financial Review newspaper, Optus chief executive Paul O’Sullivan said the National Broadband Network (NBN) would bring Optus a "huge opportunity" to expand, now that Telstra's monopoly has been handed to the NBN Co.

"We think it is really important for Optus to be a leader in the broadband space at home, in the office as well as out on the mobile networks," Mr O'Sullivan told the newspaper.

The fixed-line market is made up of approximately 8.5 million customers and Optus currently has a share of around 18%, Mr O'Sullivan added.

Optus has a much larger share in the mobile market, around 31%.

Optus is the second biggest telecoms provider after Telstra but is behind iiNet in terms of DSL customers. iiNet has highlighted this fact in its latest advertisement campaign, referring to itself as the 'new number two in DSL'.

Optus is already offering more than broadband and phone services with the launch of MeTV.

MeTV is Optus' version of FetchTV, which is already offered by iiNet and Internode. FetchTV allows customers to view TV channels and movies on demand over their broadband connection.