Optus to offer more FOXTEL services

Optus satellite and more cable customers will be able to access FOXTEL services under a new agreement between the companies.

Under the deal, Optus will offer FOXTEL's iQ boxes and high definition channels to cable customers. FOXTEL iQ allows customers to easily record their favourite shows and the HD offering will add 20 channels.

FOXTEL, which is 50% owned by Telstra, has also agreed to provide services in areas where Optus does not offer cable. Optus satellite customers will now have the option of accessing FOXTEL services, and Optus said in a statement it will consider bundling both services together.

Optus chief executive, Paul O'Sullivan, said: "FOXTEL has been a strategic partner and customer of Optus for many years and we're pleased to be able to extend the breadth of FOXTEL services we sell to our customers.

"We're also excited about providing Optus customers with the opportunity to buy FOXTEL services outside of our cable footprint for the first time."

Optus will begin selling the new FOXTEL services from February 2011. Optus has a good range of bundle deals that include line rental, broadband and calls, or can simply offer super-fast cable (not available everywhere).

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