Satellite Broadband Internet

Satellite broadband is a high speed internet service available throughout Australia via a satellite connection. Due to its relatively high costs, Satellite broadband connections are generally only suitable for rural or remote areas that do not have access to ADSL, Cable or Mobile broadband.

Satellite broadband can offer a two-way broadband connection up to 20 times faster than dial-up in areas where broadband may otherwise be unavailable. A Satellite broadband connection must be professionally installed by a qualified technician. Your internet service provider will arrange a technician visit on application for a Satellite broadband service.

Through the Federal Government’s Australian Broadband Guarantee program eligible rural customers are offered a subsidy of up to $2,750, reducing set-up costs to as little as $99. The aim of the Guarantee is ensure a more equitable access to the internet regardless of location. By offsetting the prohibitive setup costs of Satellite broadband it is hoped more rural and remote users will take up a Satellite broadband connection when no other option is available.

After the initial Satellite broadband set-up, monthly costs are significantly more expensive than ADSL, Cable or Mobile broadband. With Optus Satellite broadband, prices start from $9.99 a month for the first 6 months on a 256/64kbps plan. After the initial 6 month offer the monthly cost is $39.95. For larger download limits at a higher speed, costs increase significantly. The largest Optus Satellite broadband plan is the 10GB plan at speeds of 1024.256kbps for $417 a month.

Bigpond also offer a range of Satellite broadband plans starting from the 256/64kbps with a 500MB monthly download limit for $104.95 a month. All Bigpond Satellite plans also attract a 15c/MB excess usage fee.

With the proposed National Broadband Network, the cost and availability of wireless and Satellite broadband should increase. The government’s proposal includes significant investment to extend mobile broadband networks and increase access to the internet in rural and remote communities.