Satellite broadband allows customers in rural and regional areas of Australia to receive broadband. It’s not as fast as some of the speeds achieved in metropolitan areas with ADSL or ADSL2+, but the speed of satellite broadband can still be up to 20 times the speed of a dialup connection.

Satellite subscribers can choose from two types of connections: one way or two way broadband connections. A one way connection will only allow the user to download, whereas a two-way connection allows the user to upload as well, meaning the user can also do things like send an email or upload a photo. The plans below are for two-way satellite broadband.

The Australian Government offers discounted satellite broadband installations as part of the Australian Broadband Guarantee. This means satellite installations are offered with a rebate from the government to ensure internet access in remote or rural locations. The government can offer up to $2,750 toward the cost of your satellite equipment and setup costs if your application is successful.

There are a range of different speeds available on satellite broadband. If you’d like to use the internet to do things like downloading music, watching YouTube and viewing web pages with a lot of graphics, we would recommend a speed of at least 1000kbps. A 256kbps speed is sufficient to send and receive emails and occasionally browse the web.

There are limited ISPs who offer satellite broadband. We have compared satellite broadband plans from Westnet, Telstra Bigpond and Optus below. The prices quoted below are the monthly rate.

While we currently do not offer satellite plans on our site, you can call the providers and ask about the plans listed below.

Westnet 1300 768 134

Westnet offers some of the cheapest satellite broadband plans, on a peak + off peak basis. The plans are on a 12-month contract, and if you exceed your cap there is a 5 cent per MB charge. The best part about Westnet’s plans is that you can get 50% off your monthly charge for the first six months.

512/256kbps 500MB+1GB $19.95 ($9.98 for the first six months)
512/256kbps 1GB+2GB $29.95 ($14.98 for the first six months)
512/256kbps 1GB+3GB $34.95 ($17.48 for the first six months)
512/256kbps 3GB + 6GB $49.95 ($24.98 for the first six months)
1mbps/512kbps 1GB+1GB $39.95 ($19.98 for the first six months)
1mbps/512kbps 1GB+3GB $44.95 ($22.48 for the first six months)
1mbps/512kbps 3GB+6GB $59.95 ($29.98 for the first six months)
1mbps/512kbps 5GB+10GB $99.95 ($49.98 for the first six months)

Peak time is 9am–11pm AEST/AEDST, off-peak time is 11pm-9am AEST/AEDST.

Optus 1300 137 897

Optus offers customers two-way broadband on a peak + off peak basis. Customers can enjoy the flexibility of no fixed-term contracts and no excess usage fees.

256/64kbps: 1GB+1GB $39.95
1024/256kbps: 1GB+1GB $54
1024/256kbps: 2GB+2GB $62
1024/256kbps: 3GB+3GB $69
1024/256kbps: 5GB+3GB $91

The data allowances above are split between peak (12pm-12am) + off peak (12am-12pm).

Telstra Bigpond 1300 106 571

Bigpond has three satellite broadband speeds on offer: 256kbps, 512kbps and 800kbps. If you exceed your cap, you will need to pay 15 cents per MB. The plans are on an 18-month contract, and there are no confusing peak or off peak times.

256/64kbps: 500MB $104.95
512/128kbps: 500MB $124.94
512/128kbps: 1GB $159.95
512/128kbps: 2GB $249.95
800/128kbps: 4GB $499.95