• Share Your Netflix Subscription
  • Make Use of Free Trial or Subscription Offers
  • Pause Your Netflix Subscription

The cost of using Netflix services is quite reasonable. It allows you to enjoy thousands of movies and series. But if you're on a tight budget, then its cost can be a burden. 

Luckily, you can save money on your Netflix subscription. There are ways to lessen your monthly Netflix expenses, and that's what we are going to talk about in this article. 

Today, we'll discuss different ways to save money on your Netflix account. These tips can help you save a lot so you can use it on other things like subscribing to other streaming services like Stan and Foxtel. You can also use the money you saved to upgrade your current NBN plan or subscribe to another provider with better but cheaper Internet deals

So without further ado, here are different ways on how to save money on your Netflix subscription. 



Share Your Netflix Subscription 

If you're on one of Netflix's expensive subscription plans, you'll have an option to stream on several devices simultaneously. 

Netflix's $13.99 HD plan allows you to use two devices. On the other hand, the $17.99 4K subscription lets you use up to 4 devices. If you're using either of those plans, you can then split your monthly payment with two or four other persons. 

Let's assume that you're on the $17.99 4K plan. You can share your account with three persons, then charge them $4.50 per month. Doing this will lower your monthly payment to $4.50. Sharing your Netflix account with other people lets you save more than $60 per year. 

Netflix is not prohibiting the sharing of accounts. As a matter of fact, Netflix Australia already jokes about this matter. However, keep in mind that you're also giving away your Netflix password to other persons who will use your account. To avoid possible online security threats, make sure that your Netflix password is different from the ones you use on your emails or social media accounts. 

Make Use of Free Trial or Subscription Offers 

Sometimes, Netflix offers a free trial or subscription. They are usually doing this for promotion or to get more subscribers. 

You can often find free trial offers whenever Netflix is releasing something new, like subscription plans bundled with TVs, phone plans, internet plans, etc.

So make sure to check the official social media accounts of Netflix to see if there are free trials or subscriptions. You can also check your emails to see if Netflix is offering exclusive free trials or deals to their email subscribers. 

Pause Your Netflix Subscription 

Netflix allows users to pause their subscriptions. This feature will completely halt the service without technically cancelling the subscription. That means the user won't receive monthly bills as long as their subscription is on pause. 

Pausing the Netflix subscription isn't a hassle. It is similar to deactivating a Facebook account. When you deactivate a Facebook account, you can no longer use Facebook features. But you can easily use it again by just logging in. You'll do the same thing if you want to pause or resume using Netflix's services. 

To pause your Netflix account, go to My Account and click the Cancel Membership button under Membership & Billing. To reactivate, log back in within ten months and update your payment information.

Downgrade to a Lower Subscription Plan 

If you can't sustain paying for your current monthly billing, you can always downgrade to a lower subscription plan. 

Netflix Australia is currently offering three different subscription plans: 

  • $9.99 per month: Standard definition, this subscription plan allows the user to stream on one device.
  • $13.99 per month: High definition, this plan allows the user to stream on two devices at once.
  • $17.99 per month: 4K, the user can stream on four devices at once.

If you're on the 4K plan, consider downgrading to HD. Doing this can help in saving money, especially if you're not using a 4K television or not making use of the other slots for streaming devices. 

Netflix requires a download speed of at least 25mbps for streaming content. If your Internet connection can't reach this requirement, you won't be able to watch in 4k or 1080p resolution. 

You can check these affordable Pay TV plans if you still insist on watching Netflix in 4K.

In case you're on the HD plan and a tight budget, you can consider downgrading to SD. This subscription plan is also the best choice if you're only using a handheld device for streaming. 

Final Thoughts on How to Save Money on Your Netflix Subscription 

Those are some of the best and effective ways to save money on your Netflix subscription. The tips above aren't complicated. Most of them are easy to do, like sharing the Netflix account with other people or making use of free trial offers. 

Also, downgrading to a lower subscription tier and pausing the account isn't that hard to do. We gave all the details you need to do those things properly. Just make sure when you're downgrading, always pick the right one that suits your budget and your needs. If you insist on retaining the 4K plan, but you also want to save money, then why not choose a different and affordable Internet connection plan? We can help with that matter, call us now at 1300 106 571.