• Top Documentaries Available at Amazon Prime Video Australia
  • The Act of Killing
  • All This Panic

Amazon Prime is home to the best and most entertaining movies, reality shows and documentaries. If you would like to spend an afternoon free from the usual fictional movies on your playlist, a documentary might stir and trigger your love for intrigue and mystery. To assist you with a weekend full of documentary bliss, Compare Broadband lists down five of the best documentaries available for streaming via Amazon Prime Video this 2020.

Top Documentaries Available at Amazon Prime Video Australia

Get a glimpse of real life, caught in film, in a way that fictional films can with documentaries. Here are some of the must-watch non-fiction films you can enjoy in Amazon Prime Video today.

The Act of Killing

One of the best documentaries by popular film maker Joshua Oppenheimer looks into the life of the infamous 1965 Indonesian genocide of 1965. The documentary, through the eyes of its perpetrators, focuses on how a gangster, Anwar Congo, eliminated the so-called "communist group" as commanded by the government. Eerily, the documentary starts with Congo, bragging about his murder of over 1,000 people, talking about his glories and how the act help him receive atonement from the government. 

The eye-opening experiments bring you to the traffic details of the events, the oppression, the bizarre and the unlikely horrifying mass executions in Indonesia during that period. Congo, danced to the tune of cha-cha-cha while the so-called "communist" were strangled and beaten to death - his preferred method of killing. Anwar Congo died on October 25, 2019 after sharing his gruesome, yet momentous event in his life.

Watch The Act of Killing on Amazon Prime Video

All This Panic

A non-fiction movie featuring the lives of seven girls in New York City gives viewers a glimpse in the life of the urban youth. Compare to the usual chick flick movies we all enjoy watching, All This Panic features the common and uncommon struggles of today's generation - from sex, freedom, living independently in the Brooklyn, underage drinking, and the naive and normal life of these young girls in one of the brightest cities of America.

The 79-minute documentary is directed by Jenny Gage together with her husband Tom Betterton. Betterton, who also happens to be the cinematographer of the film, met with Dusty and Ginger, two teenage girls living independently in Clinton Hill. The couple documented the lives of the sisters and they slowly found themselves surrounded with more girls their age - Lena and Ginger, a strong character and voice in the documentary. The film focused on how these girls embraced and got through the challenges in their lives  - parents divorcing during family gatherings, how women were ruthlessly judged by society, and sexual leanings that they usually do not talk with the adults in their lives. The film is one of Gage and Betterton's better works featuring the duo's exquisite talent in photography.

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Author: The JT LeRoy Story

Another intriguing real-life documentary that may catch your interest via Amazon Prime is the story of JT LeRoy, one of the most documented life stories in America. The film revolves around the tragic life of literary persona JT LeRoy - featuring archival footages, recorded phone conversations and many more.

Known for her red fedora, blond wig and big sunglasses, JT LeRoy is shrouded with a lot of mystery. Is he a transgender, is he HIV positive, and why did he initially refused to appear in person. Eventually, the mystery created an impressive following, from the likes of Nancy Sinatra, Matthew Modine, Shirley Manson, Jeremy Renner, Tom Waits and Rosario Dawson to name a few. LeRoy managed to achieve what many artists failed to do - achieve a cult status symbol that many mainstream celebrities failed to do.

The film is directed by Jeff Feuerzeig and was initially released in January 2016. It was nominated that year for the Best Documentary Screenplay at the Writers Guild of America Award. The film features Laura Albert, Savannah Knoop, Courtney Love, Winona Ryder and Dennis Cooper.

Watch Author: The JT LeRoy Story on Amazon Prime Video

A few of the documentary films you might want to dedicate a weekend to include the 2017 film All These Sleepless Nights, a Michal Marczak's film featuring two privileged and aimless young adults as they jump from one party to another, falling in and out of love, in a less fictional way. Cartel Land, produced by Kathryn Bigelow is another cinematic documentary to watch out for. The film depicts life in Sicario, with vigilantes and Autodefensas, caught in film. Oscar-winning documentary Citizenfour can be also enjoyed, at the comfort of your digital devices at home, through Amazon Prime Video.

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